Xtreme Couture MMA Opens Gym in Florida

Posted: June 6, 2007 by Xtreme Couture MMA in fizogen, fizogen-xtreme couture mma fight training center, randy couture, wanderlei silva, xtreme couture

Wellington, Fl – MMA enthusiasts and Pro-Fighters in Florida have a new mecca. It’s called the Fizogen-Xtreme Couture MMA Fight Training Center. Located in Wellington, FL the gym has 7500 square feet of space for training in the Mixed Martial Arts. It comes equipped with a ring, a circular cage, a fenced in grappling area and world class strength and conditioning equipment.

On hand for the Grand Opening, that attracted more than 700 people, were UFC Champion Randy “The Natural” Couture and Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva. Wanderlei took part to support Fizogen, one of his sponsors. The former PRIDE Middleweight Champion liked what he saw, saying, “It’s a very good gym, with a good space made for people who want to be professional fighters. They have everything, a cage, a ring, mats, weights, bags, etcetera. It’s also a palce for regular students to train, get in shape and make friends. I hope all students who become part of this team train very hard and are proud of this gym because this is one of the best gyms I’ve ever trained in.

This is the first time the Xtreme Couture name has been licensed to a training center. Namesake and Xtreme Couture founder, Randy Couture, is a fan of what he sees. The champ commented, “Dan Amato (owner of Fizogen) and his crew have done an excellent job of putting a facility together, that represents everything Xtreme Couture stands for.”

Randy had this to say about working with Wanderlei Silva, “I look forward to working with Wanderlei again both in the business world and as he transitions into the U.S, and on the mat in the training environment. He is a true warrior and a gentleman. ” Stay tuned to this site for more info on what these two superstars have in store for the future.

In case you’ve never seen Wanderlei the warrior in action, you’ll enjoy this:

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  2. Colin says:

    This has the clip of Randy on Guys choice awards, its within the first few minutes.

  3. Colin says:

    oops, this is the one that takes you there

  4. robert says:

    i would like to open an mma gym. could you tell me about most of the expenses that come with it. and some guide line and how to stat one. any help would be appreciated. thank you, robert

  5. fred tabick says:

    Where is your school and when are the class times ?


  6. marcelo says:

    call at 561 2019069 and i give u all the informations of the gym..

  7. bobby lucarellie says:

    thank you for your time on the phone i cant wait to bring my guys to train there

  8. Kathie says:

    Thanks for adding the self defense class. On top of learning some great things it was a great workout. Looking forward to the next one.

  9. chris says:

    dude make one in miami i beg u the damn gi is annoying

  10. Brandon Caulkins says:

    I live in Clewiston and im looking for proper training.
    Im an all american wrestler and love grappling.
    wellington is a 45 minute drive from where i live.
    please contact me

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  12. Claude says:

    hello my name is claude reese i have a single question i love the mma sport very much i wish to return to it. but my question is this can you make some arrangments to train me at no cost cause i can not aford it, i attend school and i will promise to thrive to be the best i have prade and heart in this sport. my old mma record was 4-1-1

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  14. Dylan says:

    i am 17 and i have been fighting for 2 years i wanna fight for the next 20 years. this is my dream.

  15. Eddy duque says:

    I m living in wellington fl , and i m interested practice in your gym, please send me your adress.
    Thanks for your time.

  16. Very good information. Lucky me I discovered
    your blog by chance (stumbleupon). I have book marked it for later!

  17. joseph s. Roderick Jr says:

    I have the heart but not the training,i am willing to dedicate myself to this sport my # is 3524644612 i live in a hotel in wildwood fl. At daysinn room 158

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