Weekend Review

Posted: June 26, 2007 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Gray Maynard, kimbo slice, Phil Baroni

Six Xtreme Couture Fighters entered the cage this weekend. We had 4 wins, one hard fought loss and probably the most bizarre No Contest in MMA history.

Mike Pyle kicked things off by beating on a game Aaron Wetherspoon. Don’t forget Wetherspoon’s name. The kid is tough and has absolutely no quit in him. A lot of people are saying Pyle v. Wetherspoon was the fight of the night at the Elite XC/Strikeforce show in San Jose. If you missed it, click  here.

Phil Baroni came up on the short end of the stick against Frank Shamrock. But he put on a hell of an effort. Initial reports are that Phil suffered a torn groin and a hernia. Shamrock says he had knee problems too. We’d like to see these two hook up again in the future. Shamrock put on a poor display of sportsmanship by taunting Phil in the fight and punching him in the back of the head. What’s wrong with that guy? Kneeing Renzo in the back of the head and punching Phil.

On Saturday Gray Maynard manhandled Rob Emerson, throwing him around the ring like a grappling dummy. Emerson tapped out after Gray slammed him, but the bout was ruled a No Contest. Gray’s looking forward to getting out there again and beating down whomever else the UFC locks in the cage with him. Despite being “knocked out” according the UFC interviewer, Gray was not suspended by the actual Doctor from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Also on Saturday the big man, Kimbo Slice took care of former Boxing Heavyweight Champion Ray Mercer.

In Cincinatti on Saturday our Wrestling coach Dennis Davis and Solomon Hutcherson won their fights.

  1. Kimbo Slice says:

    The truth about Kimbo that his condition is nothing compared to the REAL MMA fighters like Couture.

    It’ll be good to see a fight between Kimbo and a top knotch mma fighter…

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