Have You Met Jake Yet?

Posted: August 9, 2007 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Jake Bonacci

Meet Jake Bonacci, Xtreme Couture’s Strength & Conditioning Coach. Jake’s in Grad School and came to us on a summer internship. He blew everyone away with his energy and creative programs. So we invited Jake to stay.

Here’s an article Mr. Bonacci’s hometown paper wrote on him.  Jake will be featured on Spike TV’s “All Access” and “Countdown to UFC 74” on August 23rd.  Jake would like the ladies to know that Jake is single.

  1. […] The Ironwood Daily Globe (Michigan): LLW graduate Jake Bonacci training UFC champions (more information here) […]

  2. Ty Patritto says:

    Hahah jake bonacci is my half brother! it kinda hard and weird to see him on the internet! and i it is possible can u have whoever reads this show him it? plz hes my brother and im not even jokin his other brother wich is my other half brother is josh and his dad name is bob and my dad wich would be his step dad is chris patritto. 🙂

  3. Vickie says:

    Hi I was wondering if jakes mother would be natalie? I was cutrious, because in 1981 we were stations with a bonnaci , the father bob was married at the time to natalie, her and I were good friends, and last I saw them, she was pregnant with jake….bob and my husband were in the army. Hope someone can answer this. thank you, vickie

  4. Natalie Patritto says:

    Oh, my God, Vickie Arena!!!!

    I have thought about you for years and wondered where you were. Yes, Jake is my son and I’m terrifically proud of him! Write to me at npatritto@hotmail.com

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