Ty Murray Visits Xtreme Couture

Posted: November 1, 2007 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Josh Haynes, Ty Murray

(Photo: Brian Canter, Ty Murray, Josh Haynes and Ned Cross)

Bull Riding superstar Ty Murray stopped by the gym to check on his pal Josh Haynes today. Ty and Josh got to be good buddies during the filming of Celebrity Bull Riding, and Ty has followed Josh’s MMA career since. Upcoming Professional Bull Riding (PBR) stars Brian Canter and Ned Cross also made the trip to the gym. Both are big fans of MMA and came to watch Pro Practice.

Ned threw on some shorts and a T-shirt and got out there with Josh for some pointers.  Seems Ned got suckerpunched a few months back.  Josh taught him how to keep his hands up and throw a clean jab.

Josh’s next fight is November 10th in San Antonio. There’s buzz around Las Vegas that the IFO is looking to set up a battle of the brawlers between Josh Haynes and Marvin Eastman early next year for the IFO 185lb title. Again, it’s just a rumor at this point, but it’s a fight we’d love to see. Both guys like to stand and bang. Fans will be going home from that one with something to talk about.

If you’re in Vegas and like Bull Riding, the PBR is at the Thomas & Mack Center this weekend. The author of this blog had the opportunity to attend the PBR event at Mandalay Bay on Saturday. Awesome! Those guys take a pounding. The bulls are phenomenal athletes and are incredibly impressive up close.

  1. Mean Rachel says:

    Great fight in San Antonio! Live blog and pics up on meanrachel.com!

  2. […] Celebrity Bull Riding show. It seems that Ty Murray and him became friends on the show because the Xtreme blog shows a visit to the Couture gym. There will also be a professional MMA women’s fight on the […]

  3. lisa says:

    Anything with Ty Murray in it including pictures I ‘m totally interested. I’m a big fan.
    Keep fans like me up to date thanks.

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