Results of Xtreme Couture vs Cobra Kai Smoker

Posted: November 7, 2007 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Jason Townsend, Scott Bieri, smoker

(Photo of the team that represented Xtreme Couture vs Cobra Kai L-R Rob Copenhagen, Coach Jason Townsend, Kerrel Burns, Manny Papazian, Coach Scott Bieri, Barry Purviance, Justin Linn, Sean Reynolds, Corey Jeffers, Shai Ginden, Rob Davis, Darren Mahanake and Antonio Lopez)

Saturday night saw the gym packed with over 100 screaming fans as we held our first Submission Grappling Smoker. Using the FILA approved rules written by our wrestling Coach Jason Townsend the wrestlers in all 12 matches put on an exciting show.

Cobra Kai ended up winning the night by racking up 8 wins against 3 losses and one draw.

There were whispers (actually statements said out loud is more correct) that the Cobra Kai team sandbagged our boys by lying about their experience. But just like the man our gym is named after, Xtreme Couture fighters never back down from a challenge no matter what the odds. Unscrupulous promoters can do what they want to stack the deck against Xtreme Couture but we show up to fight regardless. Though the Xtreme Couture team had less experience each one of our guys gave the opposition a hell of a fight. Nobody got blown out.

Sean Reynolds had the crowd whipped into a frenzy against a guy named “Judo” Jeff (no relation to “Judo” Gene). Jeff is believed to have way more than the year and a half experience he claimed (how else would one have a moniker like “Judo”). But he couldn’t put Reynolds away. With 30 seconds left it looked like Reynolds was en route to a 9-6 win but Judo managed an escape and a takedown to tie it up.


Manny Papazian (XC) def Lionel Mata (CK) by armbar

Rob Hamilton (CK) def Rob Copenhagen (XC) by arm traingle

Judo Jeff Shinota (CK) def Justin Linn (XC) 7-2

Antonio Lopez (XC) def Yusef Wateef (CK)15-1

Steve Bendell (CK) def Corey Jeffers (XC) by armbar

Jonah Pascuta (CK) def Barrie Purviance (XC) by rear naked choke

Sean Reynolds (XC) vs Judo Jeff Shinota (CK) 9-9 draw

Brian Kangas (CK) def Art Barker (XC) by the boss

Pete Rayner (CK) def Brian Potts (XC)

Scott Kelly (CK) def Rob Davis (XC) 7-4

Nick Scott (CK) def Kerrel Burns (XC) by guillotine

Rudy Becerra (CK) def Shai Ginden (XC) by guillotine

Darren Mahanake (XC) def Joe Ortiz (CK) 12-9

Our next Smoker will be of the Boxing and Muay Thai variety. It will feature Xtreme Couture fighters from our gym coached by Shawn Tompkins and Ron Frazier vs Team Tompkins fighters from Canada coached by Sam “Hands of Stone” Stout and Mark Hominick. Xtreme Couture vs Team Tompkins is going down December 1st 7pm at the gym.

(Wrestling Coach and author of the FILA rules for Submission Grappling Jason Townsend)

(Jiu Jitsu Coach and matchmaker Scott Bieri, he coaches here and at Cobra Kai, some are questioning his match making)

(Sean Reynolds pushes Judo Jeff against the cage)

(The scoreboard reads 9-9 after 6 minutes between Sean Reynolds and Judo Jeff. The score remained 9-9 after a one minute sudden death period)

(Sean Reynolds goes for a guillotine against “Judo” Jeff)

(Barry Purviance works his half guard)

(Corey Jeffers (r) faces off against his much larger opponent)

( 14-year-old Shai Ginden pinned beneath a 35-year-old Cobra Kai wrestler, Shai gave it his all but was overpowered)

(Frank Trigg and Phil Friedman pondering something)

(Justin Linn and “Judo” Jeff get ready to rumble)

(Antonio Lopez cranks on his opponent’s neck)

For more photos check out our Flickr account.

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  2. mike purviance says:

    barry rules cobra kai drules

  3. The Armenian Prince says:

    Manuel Papazian is the BEST!!

  4. This is your so called sandbagger judo jeff says:

    Just to let whoever fixes this site know my last name is Shinohara not Shinota remember that name Shinohara…. ok…….Arigato hhahahaha

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