In Depth With Frank Trigg On His Upcoming Fight

Posted: November 21, 2007 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Uncategorized

Valerie Haney spoke with Frank “Twinkle Toes” Trigg about his upcoming fight against Edwin Dewees premiering on HDNet December 15th.

Frank Trigg At Xtreme Couture

Haney: You have a fight coming up against Edwin Dewees on HDNET Fights on December 15th. This is your first time fighting for them. Why HDNET?

Trigg: I’m a weird fighter – I’m a professional broadcaster that fights. I look at the total contract not just the fight. HDNet only worried about me as a fighter not a broadcaster. They want me to come in kick ass and send him home in a body bag and do it two more times in a year.

Haney: The rumors a few weeks ago before signing with HDNET was a possible fight between you and Paulo Filho (15-0) in the WEC for the title? What really transpired there?

I really wanted the fight. There were 3 different lines in the contract that were a sticking point. Reed Harris did a great job trying to get it done. It was just a contractual issue that we couldn’t agree on.

Haney: Edwin Dewees hasn’t had a fight in over a year. Does this change your game plan or training?

Trigg: No. I’ve been there before. I’m not sure what he’s learned that’s new in the past year. I think this will be a good fight.

Haney: What unique challenges does Edwin pose in your perspective?

His ground game and Jui-Jitsu. He has a weird stand up style. I haven’t seen him in a year so it’s old tape. He can get my last 3 fights to see what I’m doing. I can’t pick up anything new on him.

Haney: What is a typical training week entail during your preparation for a fight?

5:30 am strength and conditioning, 11:00-12:00 techniques like Jui-Jitsu or mit work (3 days a week)along with sparring 4:00 – 6:00 (5 days a week).

Haney: Describe the level of training here at Xtreme Couture versus other gyms you have trained at. What makes Xtreme Couture unique?

Trigg: At Xtreme Couture everyone is a nice guy, no egos, no assholes. I’m the biggest dick in the room. You get a great workout situation all the time. I went with Jay White and didn’t realize how good his stand up is. Mike Whitehead moves so well for his size. In Vegas it’s the best training you are going to get. Can’t get a better group of guys to work with. For the last 8-9 weeks the practices have been very structured. Ron Frazier, Shawn Tompkins, Chris Ben have all been great at keeping a structured format which is very important for an athlete. I know when I walk in I have to focus for the hour and a half or hour and forty five minutes and that’s it.

Haney:: I read that you eat a lot of sushi, is this true during training and if so for our readers that never eat sushi what would you suggest to order for your first time?

I’m a big sushi lover. I spent a lot of time in Japan working for pride. My wife doesn’t like it that much. We have a rule at home that for the training camp we don’t get to eat out. You can’t control what’s in the food. Sometimes we have to break the rule if I’m on the road but we try hard not to. Sushi is hard to make at home so I don’t get it during my training camp.

Trigg: Try fatty tuna, it’s a fish but not a hard fish. Easy to chew and swallow. Try shrimp if you like shrimp that always good. And the rolls like Philadelphia or California it’s a good mix of American & Asian style. Easy way to step into it.

Haney: What is your next goal you expect to obtain at this point in your MMA career.

Trigg: I
don’t know I haven’t thought about it. I always look at the next fight and to become a better fighter, better Jui-Jitsu, better Stricker. I don’t plan to far out. I’m a collector of belts I think there is another one in the future. I plan to fight for 3 or 4 more years.

Haney: Besides your upcoming fight what’s keeping you the busiest these days.

Trigg: The Holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas. Christmas is a big thing. I have my kids we always go to Chicago and spend time with the family. It’s neat but hectic. I also always keep busy with my clothing line and design work for it.

Haney: If there were one great fight you’d like to see in 2008 who would it be and why?

Trigg: I’m
Bias I would like to see Fedor vs Couture. I haven’t been quiet about it. I really want to see Fedor tested one more time. There are a lot of great fights coming up Serra vs Hughes, Wanderlei vs Liddell. I also love to watch Kendall Grove and Jay Hieron. I’m kinda bias I’ve known Randy for a long time and would love to see that fight. I want to see Randy smack one more guy one more time.

Haney: Being a parent and having grown up with 7 brothers do you have any advise for me and my two sons of 2 and 3-1/2. They are starting to hit each other. Is this something that we should embrace now to become the next great MMA fighter.

Embrace it in a certain way. Don’t let them smack each other around the house only allow it when you go to the gym. The gym can be in your house. An area that you make in a corner of a room. You need to teach them to be sportsman at an early age. Give them equipment and a time frame keep it structured. Embrace it boys are boys.


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