Profiles Elena “Baby Doll” Reid

Posted: December 27, 2007 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Elena "Babydoll" Reid

Esteemed boxing writer David Avila did a profile piece on Elena “Baby Doll” Reid for  Check it out here.

Elena makes her MMA debut against Tammie Schneider Friday night for Steele Cage at the Riviera (fights start at 7pm, Elena should hit the ring around 9).  It promises to be a great fight.  Joe Stevenson, Gray, Sam Stout and Chris Ben put Elena through her final week of workouts. They’ll all be at the fights cheering her and Dennis Davis on.

  1. Jason Curtis says:

    are there any fans of Elena Reid in California. I am Good Luck Elena. I have participated if MMA training not competition which I wish I did.
    I always pull for you when ever seeing any of your fights

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    viedo sktes

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