Congrats to the Champ

Posted: December 31, 2007 by Xtreme Couture MMA in IFL, Jay Hieron

“The Thorobred” is now a champion. Congrats to Jay Hieron who dismantled the extremely tough Brazilian Delson Heleno. Jay controlled the pace of the fight early, peppering Heleno with powerful leg kicks and jabs. Jay had control of the pace the entire fight, stuffing Heleno when he tried for a takedown and ruining the cagey Brazilian’s strategy.

Jay checked a kick from Delson toward the end of the round and the pounced on him. Landing brutal ground and pound shots as round 1 came to a close. Heleno was too injured to continue and Jay Hieron is crowned the IFL’s first Welterweight Champion.

Jay dedicated the fight to his father John Hieronymous who died three weeks ago. The champ is now at home on Long Island celebrating his much deserved success. Jay is a guy who never catches a lucky break but perseveres against all odds and has an incredible will to win and belief in himself. We are ecstatic to see that his countless hours in the gym and mental preparation have paid off. Expect to see a long run by a great champion. Read more about Jay here.

  1. MadMax says:

    Jay Hieron was born a Champ, and is one of the few natural gifted fighters in MMA today!


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