Shawn Tompkins to Lead Xtreme Couture Team at IFL Event

Posted: January 8, 2008 by Xtreme Couture MMA in IFL, Shawn Tompkins, xtreme couture

Shawn Tompkins will coach the Xtreme Couture Team at the IFL Event February 29th at the Orleans Arena here in Vegas.

Already confirmed for the show is Dennis Davis vs Team Quest’s Ian Loveland. Coach Tompkins submitted a list of Xtreme Couture fighters willing to step into the ring on February 29th. We’re waiting for confirmation from the IFL and will bring you the match ups as soon as they are signed.

  1. […] the good news is XTreme Couture will be participating at the next IFL event. The bad news is that Shawn Tompkins is manning the team, instead of that other guy who has something or other to do with XTreme Couture. What was his name […]

  2. matty17 says:

    The good news is that Shawn Tonpkins is manning Xtreme Couture. Read his stats, friend of Shawn’s just my two cents worth.

  3. Fight Fan says:

    WOW, where you been man. Tompkins has been making champs for the last 5 years…. Gues you know something we don’t, this guy is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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