Randy Graces the Cover of the Latest Issue of Status Magazine

Posted: January 22, 2008 by Xtreme Couture MMA in randy couture, Status Magazine

This month’s issue of Status Magazine features a 5-page spread on Randy and his training regimen. There are some great photos of The Natural and Mike Pyle working out and some tips on training.

Check it out on Newstands or check them out online at statusfitness.com.

  1. […] Randy Graces the Cover of the Latest Issue of Status Magazine […]

  2. Russ Tyree says:

    This is 4 Randy I’ve been a huge fan of yours since I started wrestling in high school. The 1st fight of yours I saw was your 1st fight with chuck I favored the double leg take down wrestling and used it a few times in that fight lol. I wanted 2 do something special for my 21st Birthday last year and while I was thinking I heard u were fighting in colombus, OH on March 3rd (My Birthday) and when I heard the Arnold classic was the same weekend it was icing on the cake. Me an 3 buddies bought tickets on E-Bay and took a road trip :). We hit the expo’s and a bar at midnight fri. 4 the Bday.I got in the arena Sat. it wasmy 1st time 2 a live UFC or any fight 4 that matter. I got 2 C another Hero Mark Coleman and shook his Hand. Didnt catch u though, but the final fight was sufficient I wanted U 2 win so Bad before the fight started shit I think I was more nervouse than than anybody I told my buddy Isaac “Wouldnt it B awesome if Randy stomped some ass and got the title on my birthday?” Fight Started and U landed that big overhand right I nearly jumped out of my seat and off the balcony in my nose bleed section ha ha my lil bro snuck his Vid.Cam. in and taped it till his battery died (He taped the whole trip) Anyway I just wanted 2 thank U 4 making my 21st the best in the world its something I’ll never forget get in touch with me I’ll try 2 send a copy of the video tape thanks again good luck with the ufc contract deal

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