Dr. Martin Kampmann

Posted: March 8, 2008 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Jay Hieron, Joe "Daddy" Stevenson, Martin Kampmann

Doctor Martin Kampmann operated on himself today. He caught an elbow about a week and a half ago in training and needed some stitches under his eyebrow. Today they needed to be removed. So rather than go to a physician, Martin took them out himself with a sterilized pair of tweezers and some toenail clippers.

It reminded us of the time last Spring when Dr. Joe “Daddy” Stevenson glued shut a hole in Jay Hieron’s head. Here are some pictures of that.

  1. hywelteague says:

    Martin is a verrry cool guy. Been way too long since we have seen him in action – can’t wait!

  2. Anonymous says:

    as long as hes not injured again…shit…this dude has a ton of potential

  3. Daniel says:

    next time i hurt myself i’ll be giving martin a call

  4. […] “Hitman” Kampmann, tar ut stygn och annan reparerande verksamhet. För fler bilder klicka här eller på […]

  5. colargol says:

    Martin, we are watching you from Copenhagen. You’re the man! Good luck in your next fight 🙂

  6. Adam says:

    Martin is top three MW in the world.

  7. Oscar says:

    Yes we are VERY excited about your career here in copenhagen too!! 😀

    Its so crazy.. just got into MMA two years ago and Kampmann comes and make a mess in the UFC.. how cool is this!! A danish bro, fighing bigger guys and winning!

    Thanks for a great show in London O2 arena Martin.. We were cheering for you and waved the danish flag ofcourse 🙂

    we will come to your next show if its in Europe!!


    he’ll be the man to stop Silva! take him down and Martins slick BJJ is gonna give Anderson trouble.. 😛

  8. […] hoping for a quick recovery and that Martin didn’t try another one of his home stitch jobs. Kampmann stitched up a cut around the same eye back in 2008. That time it was just above the […]

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