John Alessio Speaks on his DQ Loss

Posted: March 28, 2008 by Xtreme Couture MMA in John Alessio, WEC

There was an unfortunate turn of events at Wednesday’s WEC show. John Alessio who was having his way with Brock Larson was disqualified for hitting Brock in the head with a knee while Brock still had a knee on the ground. That is against the unified rules of MMA used by the State of Nevada. Many people felt Brock could have and should have continued in the fight, but he elected not to. The fight was supposed to determine who would take on WEC Welterweight Champ Carlos Condit. No word on what will happen next. We’d like to see John and Brock go at it again for the right to face Condit.

Here is John’s take on the matter.

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  1. Jason Lilly says:

    John OWNED Brock during that fight and Brock showed that he was a CHUMP by backing down. The WEC owes the fans this rematch and John has won 4 straight fights since his last match with Condit and IS the #1 contender! War Alessio!

  2. I think that the WEC should make BROOK fight
    JOHN and give the fans what we want.

  3. slow17motion says:

    What a bullshit, one-sided article. Alessio performed an illegal move, and Larson should not have to continue to fight after such a deliberate and vicious ILLEGAL knee to the head.

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