Kim on ESPN 1100am Today at 1pm

Posted: June 26, 2008 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Kim Couture

Kim Couture will be a guest on “Cofield and Colkin” today on ESPN 1100am. If you live in Southern Nevada tune in, unfortunately ESPN 1100am doesn’t stream yet.

Steve and Dave the show’s hosts had Kim and John Alessio on the air last week and did a great interview. Steve and Dave were then guests at Kim’s fight Friday and apparently didn’t like what they saw. They carried on Monday about the fight, saying Kim shouldn’t have been allowed to fight, they don’t like watching women’s MMA, the rounds should have been 3 minutes instead of 5 and that the Athletic Commission did a poor job in sanctioning the fight and the ref should have stopped it.

Simply put, we disagree with all of the above fights. First, the Nevada State Athletic Commission is the best in the business. They do a tremendous job protecting fighters’ safety and they are incredibly thorough. Kim Couture and Kim Rose were both debuting fighters who have been training for their debut for the past year, have fought and won as amateurs and passed all of their medical exams. There is no reason not to sanction them. On the point of round length, why shouldn’t women fight full 5 minute rounds like the men? The hoop in the WNBA isn’t lowered. The women in the Olympics don’t run a shorter 100-yard dash. On top of those two obvious points, round length had nothing to do with the outcome of this fight. The punch that broke Kim’s jaw and caused all of the blood (which is what made the complaining viewers uncomfortable while watching) occurred in the first five seconds of the fight. That punch lands, the jaw breaks and the blood flows whether that round is 5 minutes or 15 seconds. Furthermore, a three minute round perverts the sport of MMA because it turns the fight into a kickboxing match instead of true Mixed Martial Arts. Three minutes doesn’t allow sufficient time for the fight to develop on the ground.

Here is what the arguments boil down to. Sexism. People are uncomfortable/don’t like seeing a woman get beat up and bleed. If it were two men in the ring on June 20th and one had his jaw broken on the opening exchange, hung in the entire fight and nearly won by submission as time expired that male fighter would be hailed as a conquering hero. Instead because it was a woman (and an attractive one at that) people are pointing fingers at the Athletic Commission, at the referee, at Randy, etc. Nonsense. It was a fight and injuries happen.

On a positive note, Kim had surgery on her jaw and is doing fine. She’ll be back in the gym training for her next fight at some point mid-late summer. This is further proof the ref did a good job. Aside from the jaw Kim isn’t hurt. A cut above the eye where the fighter’s vision is impaired is a reason to stop a fight, because by not seeing forthcoming blows the fighter could suffer severe brain injury. Blood from the mouth and pain from the jaw while being a competitive disadvantage does not negatively impact fighter safety. If a little blood is “bad for MMA” or “will turn fans off” as some have argued; then those “fans” were going to get turned off by MMA at some point anyway. People get hurt and bleed in MMA. This is the hurt business. Nobody wants to see fighters get hurt or suffer, but sometimes it happens. The NFL, the most popular sport in America has seen players paralyzed on National TV and that sport hasn’t suffered viewership. Bottom line, if you don’t like to see women fight, then don’t watch women fight. Nobody is forcing you to watch something you don’t want to. But at the same time, don’t try to ban women fighting or say they don’t have the right to do it. That argument is preposterous.

If you haven’t seen Kim Couture vs Kim Rose yet, check it out on YouTube.

  1. Kim, Amazing job!

    A great fight and was thrilled to see your warrior spirit.


  2. master14 says:

    That’s a extreme sports.
    There is none like that in my country

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