Vitor Belfort Interview

Posted: July 21, 2008 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Vitor Belfort

We had the chance to sit down for an interview with Vitor Belfort the day after his Knock Out win over Terry Martin at Affliction: Banned. Vitor spoke about the fight, why he chose to train at Xtreme Couture and his plans for the future (who he wants to fight next may surprise you).

XC: Congratulations on the win. How did you think the fight went?

Vitor: Thank you. I think it went very well. I came in with a game plan and then I broke my hand so it changed. But I was pleased with the result of the fight and how my sacrifice and hard work paid off.

XC: When did you break your hand?

Vitor: The first punch I threw. It was a straight left. I knew right away it broke. But I had to keep going. I couldn’t throw my combinations I had worked on. Coach Tompkins was yelling at me to throw my combos. At the end of the first round I went back to the corner and Tompkins was yelling at me, “Why don’t you throw your combos?” I said, “My hand is broken”. He said, “Ok” and Randy said, “Just go first. Go for it and finish the fight”.

I said to myself, “Ok, I’ll do that”. It was great chemistry in the corner. I went out and I did what they said. I was looking to land a big shot and get it over with. It’s my left hand, which is my power hand. I went out and threw the kick at Terry. When he caught my kick I let him take me down so I could soften him up with the elbows. I knew I could get back to my feet when I needed to. Then I set him up for the knee. After that I was able to pick his head up with the uppercut and end it with the straight left.

XC: Where is your hand broken?

Vitor: Two places. At the base of my thumb and at the base of the index finger. I don’t need surgery. The doctor says 4 weeks in the brace and then I will be OK.

I’ll go relax in Brazil for a few weeks. See my family, who I miss so much, hug my kids and stay with them. Go to the beach with them. Stay at the pool at my house, go to church. Catch a movie with my wife, drink a bottle of wine with her. chill out see my family and friends. I’ll come back for my next camp.

XC: Is it hard being away from your family for this training camp?

Vitor: Very hard. It was the hardest part, besides the tough training itself. The way I like to live my life I am very close to my kids and my wife. It is tough not to see them.

XC: Did you call them after the fight?
Vitor: Yep. I called my wife. She was so stoked. I said baby, “we’re back on track again”. I’m so happy.

XC: What’s next?

Vitor: We have a contract with Affliction. I’m looking forward to them giving me good fights. I want to fight the best. I’d like to fight Frank Shamrock. That would be an exciting fight. It is something I would like to accomplish. He used to be one of the best. I think we are both still top 10 contenders. It will be an explosive fight, let’s get it on.

XC: What made you decide to train at Xtreme Couture?

Vitor: The environment and mentality that he gym was offering the fighters and the caliber of the guys that were there and the coaches. Also I just wanted to try a new environment. I needed to get guys that would push me in sparring. It was a good fit.

XC: What is your relationship like with Randy? Did you call him and ask to train?

Vitor: One time we were at UFC and he told me he had a gym and that I should come check it out. I always looked up to Randy as a fighter and as a person. In coaching he has such a god ability to teach guys. I thought it was a good opportunity for me to go work with him. It was a wonderful time, we had a wonderful training camp and I made a lot of friends. Friends I will have for the rest of my life. There are many wonderful people at the gym. I think that is very important, for me to make friends. Relationships are everything in life.

XC: Where had you been training in Brazil?

Vitor: I was training with personal trainers. I would pay guys to train me. Then I started going to a gym called Gordo Jiu Jitsu. Gordo is a very tough guy. He created the half guard when he was at Barra Gracie Jiu Jitsu

XC: How do you feel the training camp at Xtreme Couture went?

Vitor: Perfect. Shawn Tompkins is the greatest. He is a wonderful guy and a wonderful trainer. We got along great. Tremendous chemistry. He really pushed me for the camp. The sparring partners are great too. I trained with Jay Hieron, Gray Maynard, Mike Pyle, Mike Whitehead, Frank Trigg and Tyson Griffin. These are all tough guys. They all work hard. Everyone pushes each other to the limits.

XC: Will you do camps here in the future?

Vitor: Definitely. it’s going to be my hometown now.

XC: Is the training at Xtreme Couture similar to the training in Brazil?

Vitor: No. It is totally different. You have top level guys and a great facility at Xtreme Couture. There is a great buzz. Everyone has fights coming up and is working with each other. There is no politics. You just do your business in the gym and go home and rest. People aren’t worried about stealing a percentage from your purse or how they can get money out of you.

XC: Is there a lot of politics in Brazilian MMA?

Vitor: Yes. A lot. And a lot of crooks too.

XC: Is that why you left Brazilian Top Team?

Vitor: Things were wrong over there. I didn’t like what was left. It wasn’t right for me. So I decided to leave.

XC: How did you get into fighting?

Vitor: Through Carlson Gracie. I was training with one of his students and he told me I needed to train with Carlson because I was too tough for the other guys in the gym. Carlson told me I would be the greatest fighter he ever trained and that he would fulfill my dreams to be a top fighter. Carlson was the guy who held up the Gracie name for a long time. But when I met him he didn’t have many followers.

XC: You came to the U.S. with Carlson when you were 17, right?

Vitor: Yes. I was in Hawaii on vacation with my mother and her boyfriend. I ended up training there for a few days and met a Brazilian guy who said he wanted to bring Carlson to the States, so we moved over here.

XC: Was it hard moving from home at that age?

Vitor: Not really. I had a dream and had nothing to hold me in Brazil. I had to fulfill my dream it was wonderful.

XC: What was your relationship with Carlson Gracie like?

Vitor: It was like father and son. Back then It was wonderful. But when the money and fame came everything started falling apart.

XC: How so?

Vitor: He used to not like to train and I like to train a lot. I made some mistakes and he made some mistakes. I didn’t like the type of life he was living. He didn’t want to stop living like he was. It got to the point I felt I had to go so we separated. Then I came back to try to make it work, after that we separated for good. I spoke to him before he died. He said he forgave me. He felt like I betrayed him, even though I never did. It was a business thing. He wasn’t a good business man. The whole thing was sad.

XC: A lot is made of the old Vitor, the super aggressive knockout machine versus the new Vitor who is less aggressive. What do you think about all that?

Vitor: I knew I had to get back to being vicious again. Coach Tompkins told me that. I think you saw that in this fight. I feel confident with my boxing and controlling the center of the ring and sometimes that is how I fight. The idea of the game to me is to hit and not be hit. I don’t think running right at the other guy is the best idea. But Coach Tompkins showed me how to be aggressive and protect myself too.

I don’t like the attitude of some of the fans who always like to complain. When they say if you had a quick fight that they wished it was longer and if you have a long fight they say you should have beaten this guy quicker. Some people you just can’t please. If it is so easy, they can put on a glove and do it themselves. I’ll watch them fight.

XC: You are still a young fighter, even though you’ve been in the game for 12 years. What is your plan for the future?

Vitor: I’ve accomplished some goals in fighting. But I want to be a champion at 185 lbs. Outside of fighting I want to help people live a good life and follow the Lord. I’d like to teach people about faith and using my ability to help people of the world live better lives mentally, physically and spiritually.

XC: Do you have anything you’d like to say to your fans in the US?

Vitor: I want to thank my fans. I was so proud at the support they gave me in my fight with Terry. I appreciate that they have patience. I have been through a lot. I understand too the fans that don’t support me. They’re kind of selfish. They want something from me and when a fight isn’t exciting they don’t like me. I understand life. I just wish they would understand that even when I’m not doing my best I’m still trying to do my best. We have to overcomers. We all have problems. You have to overcome life and not just the ring. I want to show people that you can be a champion not just in the ring, but in life, in business, in a relationship and with God. The most important thing is to be a man with god.

I’m looking to move my family to America. I have an Acai business going on I would like to bring here. Teach some seminars and some classes here to build an income. I have a new website, Vitor Belfort VT, a Virtual Training center It’s going to be awesome. People can sign up and learn 24 hours a day.
You can see techniques, I’ll talk about life, how to overcome a situation in life and answer questions. My fans can see something that I accomplish. I think it will be a wonderful site.

XC: Thanks, Vitor.

Vitor: Thank you.

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  3. Fred says:

    I will always root for Vitor. His life represents what fighting is all about.

  4. Marks says:

    Vitor fought a great fight. Some fans booed sometimes during it but they just want to see Vitor rush his opponents again like old times. Vitor showed that he can be a very tactical fighter, waiting for the right opportunity, which he did impressivly. Sad to hear how things went with him and Carlson.

    Great Interview!

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  7. miguel says:

    vitor, been a fan since your first ufc.listen vitor, keep up the good fight in your life. it is a blessing to see your faith in the lord God (Jesus Christ). keep humble as you are. let the lord continue his good work through you. may the lord continue to give you strength and wisdom.God bless the entire team at Xtreme Couture.My regards to the entire team.psalm 91

  8. Sonic says:

    Man vitor is still one of my heros. He’s been through so much advirsity yet he still trains his heart out and continues to move forward.


  9. Vitor, I am a strength and conditioning coach in FL. You have always been my hero through both the ups and downs of your career. I have a similar concept that I have had going for a little while, called “getn2shape” It is personalized video feed mailed to my clients on fitness, nutrition, MMA ect. I just wanted to show my support, and let you know that you have been a true inspiration in my life. I will recommend “belfort vt” to my MMA clients and have sent the site my info already. One day I will come back to Vegas, and train at Xtreme Couture. Congrats on the Lindland KO and best of luck with Belfort VT! God Bless, -Mitch Sanchez

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