Rob Kimmons vs Dan Miller at UFC Fight Night 15

Posted: July 29, 2008 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Rob Kimmons

MMA Junkie is reporting that Rob Kimmons the head instructor at Xtreme Couture Kansas City will fight Dan Miller at UFC Fight Night 15.  Dan Miller is the reigning IFL Middleweight champ.

Rob is a real exciting fighter who won his UFC debut via guillotine choke.

Look for more exciting announcements regarding the next matchups for Xtreme Couture fighters in coming days.  We’ll share them with you as soon as we are allowed to.

Here is some footage of Rob in action:

  1. Socalsoxfan says:

    pretty sure he won his UFC debut by guillotine choke

  2. NikcG says:

    Rob “The Rosedale Reaper” Kimmons FTW.

  3. Mickey Munoz says:

    Nice work! Look forward to watching your next fight.
    AC/DC – Back in Black
    Movin to Kansas City soon and was looking for a place to train.

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