“The Natural” is back!

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The UFC heavyweight champion, Randy “The Natural” Couture, is back and is in training to defend his belt against Brock Lesnar at UFC 91 on November 15th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV. Randy Couture and the UFC have been in a legal battle for the last 11 months and everyone here at Xtreme Couture and all of Randy’s fans worldwide were starting to worry that the champ would never enter the octagon again. All of our worries were lifted when Randy and the UFC announced his return to the cage yesterday.

At 45 years old, The Natural renegotiated a 3 fight contract with the UFC. A victory in November will no doubt lead to a fight against the Interim heavyweight champion which will be decided by the Mir vs Nogueira fight rumored for late december. Dana White referred to the fights to come as a kind of “heavyweight tournament”.

It is no secret that Randy is strongly pursuing a fight with Fedor Emelianenko, an event that most say will be called “The fight of the decade”. The UFC has stated they will do everything in their power to make the Randy vs Fedor fight happen so long as it doesn’t cause any contract disputes. With the UFC interested in making this fight happen and both Randy and Fedor wanting it to happen, it is possible that we might finally get to see the two best heavyweights in the sport fight inside the octagon.

Couture is still on a 2 fight win streak after defeating Gabriel Gonzaga while defending the heavyweight belt that he took from Tim Sylvia. Randy has returned to training at Xtreme Couture MMA in Las Vegas, NV and the energy levels at the gym are through the roof. Randy has always been an inspiration to everyone around him and all of us at Xtreme Couture are proud to have him back in the gym and soon back in ring.

For more info on Randy’s signing with the UFC head over to UFC.com or Sherdog.com and read their articles and interviews.

  1. Dylan says:

    Please get this message to Randy no matter what it takes.

    BROCK’s weakest point is his feet and ankles. This is why he lost so easily to a leg lock from Mir.

    Just LOOK AT A WHOLE PHOTO OF HIS BODY AND EXAMINE HIS WEAK POINTS and you can see how out of proportion he is from his upper body to his lower legs and ankles.

    Randy, the easiest (probably the only) way to win is to go for an ankle or foot lock. Please don’t be so proud to think you can stand with a monster like Brock or manhandle him in any way.

    You have always been smart.

    Brock is not a clutz ‘fud’ like the 6’9″ you know who Sylvia. Brock is going to sit on you and get a referee’s stoppage due to strikes if you don’t get to his back quickly and bring him down into an ankle/foot lock of some kind.

    All you should work on is a jab to side and back control to a pull down into an ankle/foot lock position, or secondly some kind of more odd choke from the back like you did to ‘fud’.

    If you get mounted by this beast try to take advantage of the newer ufc rules and reach your right hand under and through his legs and sqirm your head to his inner thighs partly through at least half way out (if you can’t get fully out) and just sit your head there near one of his inner thighs (he can’t knee you anymore in ufc so use that to get a separation). Then at least the ref will separate and stand you up. He will not be smart enough to know what to do if you get a stalemate in that position.

    Do not sit getting pounded, you know the ref will stop it very fast and it will be a sad shamrock ending. Don’t let that happen please.

    Take this advice and I know you will win. All he has is monster football charging and ground and pound and a heavy right hand and faster speed then even you have.

    Jab to attack his left side (avoid his right hand), get to his back and take him down to an ankle lock. It is his LARGEST weak point BY FAR.

    He is too fast, athletic and big to stand with or take down in any other way.

    Accept and use your own strengths (your knowledge of his weak leg/ankle points) and use it to your advantage instead of playing into his strengths.

    Winning is all about playing into the opponents weaknesses, not thinking you can win by taking him head to head on his strengths.

    Don’t let pride tempt you into allowing him have his strengths.

    You can do this, don’t let anyone else trick you into thinking it can be done any other way, I am giving you not only the highest percentage win but probably the only percentage win that is even possible against a beast like this.

    Now silence your mind and go and do, that is all.

  2. Dylan says:

    Get that message directly to randy, then delete them from the site so he doesn’t get any of his spies onto the gameplan.

  3. Derek A says:

    Randy, great to have you back. I hope this works out exactly as you have planned. Go kick Fedor’s butt would you!

  4. Iking Reyes says:

    Good luck on your next fight Randy! We’re with you all the way!!!

  5. martin rodriguez says:


    I think that you are the best ever and I am so glad to see you coming back. Everyone that I know thinks of you as a hero, including myself.

    I am sure that you will have a great gameplan, and I can’t wait to see what you will bring to this fight.

    Thank you so much for working so hard, being so determined and still managing to be a remarkably respectful and genuinely nice person. You are truly to be admired.

    That is all.

  6. smalldog says:

    Hey Randy, Good luck.
    Sorry your fight isnt happening in Portland.
    Would have loved to come see it.

  7. Patrick says:

    Thanks for giving us all a chance to see you fight again! It has been unbearable these last few months, thinking we would never get to see you fight again!
    You are an inspiration for all of us!

  8. Cale Diaz says:

    Glad to have you back! Give em hell, and I’ll be seeing sometime for training one day.

  9. Scott Britton says:

    You have proven that you are among the finest warriors, perhaps the best of our time. Anything more that you do, win or lose, it has to be about the journey.
    All the best,
    S. Britton

  10. Lesnar is so very far from standing up to you in the octagon. There is so much class in your career that a person like him should not have accepted this early shot, shame on him and on White. We will see you beat mr. steroids like you did Gonzaga.

  11. brad/ FT Bliss says:


    Couple years ago you came to Mosul to support us. We all in the ARMY thank you and the rest for that day. I came out to the gym when on vacation but just missed you a few months ago. I won’t comment on the next fight, Brock is a vet too a little known fact. I wish you both the best! Would love to see it live but with kids and a family the tickets are to pricy right now but will get it on TV. Once again goodluck, thanks for all the support to the troops! I hope you make it to Bragg, I have my friends there all geared up for it. One tip though Lesnar is the most powerfull human being in all of MMA with a mean streak not yet seen.

  12. Dylan says:

    I warned you Randy, I warned you (see above). You let pride tempt you.

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