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A NIGHT OF COMBAT ll October 11th at The Thomas & Mack Center, LAS VEGAS

featuring Up and coming AND top fighters from Xtreme Couture !!


Ian Omalza v Ryan Hass 

“I like to stand & bang”, Ian Omalza stated about his fighting style.  While this young fighter is just starting out and likes to wrestle, he feels he’s well rounded from all the training hes been doing with his family of fighters at Xtreme Couture.  Ian anticipates an exciting fight, whether its standing or goes to the ground.  When asked how this fight will end, Ian said “1st round KO, with alot of crazy punches with my eyes closed!”



Elena “Baby Doll” Reid v Stephanie Palmer

A stand up striker, Elena has collected several belts from her years of boxing all over the world.  Realizing she may find more opportunities in MMA, shes now moving on to take her fight career to a whole new level.  Shes eager to have gotten her 2nd MMA fight right here in Vegas, which she excitedly referred to as “The Hollywood of fighting”.  While her recent training camp has included a special focus on takedown defenses, Elena been working her wrestling and jiujitsu with her friends at Xtreme Couture, and will be throwing explosive punches whether shes standing or on the ground.  Her pretty doll face with a purely kind personality to match should in no way be underestimated. Look for her to be throwing body shots in hopes of a KO win.


Patrick “Kui” Gonsalves v Shawn David 

A freestyle fighter, right at the very start of his fight career, “Kui” is a strong striker with a wrestling backround.  During this training camp at Xtreme Couture, his emphasis has been in training for a Southpaw opponent, and is hoping for a KO -no matter what round.


JJ “The angel of death” Mix v John Halverson

This Mixed Martial Artist is the complete package.  A virtually unknown fighter up until this point, many fighters from his training camp at Xtreme Couture have said this fight will be THE fight to watch. JJ Mix is looking forward to this fight, not only as its a huge career opportunity, but because of his well-known opponent UFC vet John Halverson.  


Josh “Bring the Pain” Haynes v Sean Salmon

Xtreme Couture fighter and UFC vet Josh Haynes sees this as an intense fight, and is in no way overlooking his opponent.  Sean Salmon took this fight with 1 weeks notice and is just coming off a 10 -month suspension with the California Athletic Division.  Both fighters have stated they are eager to be fighting an opponent with a well-known name, and are preparing themselves mentally for a 15-minute battle.


John “The Natural” Alessio v Gideon Ray

Don’t miss as Mike Tyson walks out this solid submission fighter!  Hes ready to take on his southpaw opponent Gideon Ray, as Alessio’s fought southpaw opponents in his last 3 fights.  And while he knows Gideon to be a seasoned vet, Xtreme Couture’s 2nd Natural believes he still has better jiu jitsu & wrestling, and said in his prefight interview that by submission or knockout, he WILL have his hands raised at the end of this fight!


Mike “Quicksand” Pyle v Brian Gassaway

A complete, well rounded mixed martial artist, Pyle stated simply, that you’re only as good as the people you train with, and that he’s surrounded by his team of Champions at Xtreme Couture.  When asked about how this fight will play out, Pyle calmy and with confidence said: “I’ll hit him, he’ll hit me, we’ll wrestle, I’ll choke him and I will win”


Jay “Thorobred” Hieron v Chris Kennedy

A freestyle fighter, Jay has worked hard, as always, to get himself into the tremendous shape hes in now.  Training equally in all aspects of MMA, Hieron is all smiles, relaxed and ready for wherever this fight goes. 


by Christina Leora Poulos

  1. Tamamma says:

    Great Blurbs!!! WAY TO GO Christina! Are the fights televised tonight?? Spike TV?? let me know dollface!

  2. Shell says:

    Your writer says alot with few words – sounds great! Wish we weren’t stuck on the east coast!

  3. max says:

    very good post
    great site brother!

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