Kim Couture Takes Win In Stride

Posted: November 25, 2008 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Kim Couture, Uncategorized
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Kim Couture is back in the gym today here at Xtreme Couture not taking a minute off.  We took a moment to talk with Kim on her first professional win vs. Lina Kvokov at StrikeForce.


XC: “First of all congratulations on your first win as a professional, in your opinion how did you feel about the fight?”

K. Couture: ” I felt very confident going into the fight, my footwork and boxing have greatly improved since I’ve been working with Gil Martinez our boxing coach here at Xtreme Couture. I’ve also spent the last 6 weeks working on my Muay Thai with Master Chan and Ray Seffo and my ground game with the help of Robert Drysdale.

After the fight started, I landed a few good shots and I found myself chasing after her around the cage.”

XC: “That’s for sure, it looked like after the first 30 seconds or so she wanted out of there.”

K. Couture: ” I trained hard and really wanted to show the MMA fans a good show and let them know I was a 100% and ready to fight, I have the utmost respect for anyone who steps into the cage but felt disappointed that she just wouldn’t engage with me and turned her back on me. I was just dumbfounded.”

XC: “Do you think she shouldn’t of been matched up with you?”

K. Couture: “On paper it looked like a good match-up. We both had 1 professional fight with a loss. She was training with Matt Lindlands Team Quest so I expected she would be ready and I was ready for a stand-up brawl.”


XC: “Did you have a chance to watch the fight yet?”

K. Couture: “Yes, Lina just looked nervous from the moment she tripped coming out to the cage, she just looked like she didn’t want to fight that night.”

XC: “After watching what did you see yourself doing that you want to work on?”

K. Couture: “I need to keep my chin down, I worked on it, but I need to just keep it down.”

XC: “What did you feel you did good at?”

K. Couture: “I got her into a Muay Thai clinch and start landing some big knees, I feel very comfortable with that aspect of my game”


XC: “How was your experience with StrikeForce?”

K. Couture: “Those guys out there were great, well organized, professional. They really put on a great show for the fans and treat their fighters great. I wasn’t sure what to expect walking out to the cage, but the crowd was really into it, cheering and screaming so that really was exciting”

XC: “Would you like to fight for them again?”

K. Couture: ” Absolutely, anytime they want me to fight again and it makes sense with my schedule, I would love to fight for them.”

XC: “Everyone wants to know, What’s next for Kim Couture. Will you fight again and how soon?”

K. Couture: “I really love MMA and I want to continue to fight at least 3 to 4 times a year. Last year I fought four times. Febuarary, April, June and November. Before I fight again I want to get back to the business side of things and work on my promotion company. We have a lot of fighters at Xtreme Couture that I want to get them some work.”

XC: “Cool thanks for your time.”

K. Couture: “Anytime, Thanks”

Below is a clip of Kim Training at Xtreme Couture.

By: Scott Haney
  1. nick dafos says:

    oh kim couture is adorable ! 🙂

  2. Wizzle says:

    that is a good video of Kim after her fight. her press conference right after her win!

    and this is a good video of behind the scenes at Strikeforce with Randy couture in the vid and more.

    annd here are some good pics of Kim and randy and more from the event

    Feel free to post these pics and videos on your blog as well. Thanks

    Looking forward to see Kim fight again. Women’s MMA is always entertaining but they need five minute rounds and not three minute rounds.

  3. Becky says:

    If I could have one wish in this lifetime, I would love to be Kim Coutures sparring partner, train with her and/or the ultimate would be to fight her. I think she is awesome, and has great skill, and I can’t think of a better person to kick my ass (lol).

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