Ray Sefo defeats Hong Man Choi at K-1 WGP

Posted: December 8, 2008 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Uncategorized

Ray Sefo secured a win over the “Techmo Goliath”, Hong Man Choi, over the weekend at K1 World Grand Prix in the final reserve bout. Sefo’s technical skill won out after 3 rounds of bull fighting  where he used “hit-and-run” attacks and brutal spinning back fists to neutralize Choi. It was clear that Sefo went into the fight well prepared and was not phased by the massive height advantage of Choi.

Check out the video of the fight below!

by: Eddie Miles
  1. Jesse says:

    This video has been taken down. Focking DMCA is obnoxious.

  2. edwin randall van osdol says:

    this is america land of the free,
    whats with all the squaures in professional sports? I am both a boxing fan and a mma fan .I am a veteren and a injured logger ,I am a lover of all beings .
    if my policy rejects my neiber I change my pollicy to love my neighber,nothing is forever unless it adapts and changes.
    todays sporting events are plastic and artificial ,evan superficial ,it breaks my heart, I guess if I want to be a real world class fighter I am gonna have to stay amatureand move to amsterdam lol!

  3. edwin randall van osdol says:

    after I train in amsterdam ,I will come back to america and clean house like davey crocket

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