Tasha Marzolla hitting the MMA Scene as Xtreme Couture’s Newest Addition

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Tasha Marzolla

Tasha at the age of 20 was a well known Playboy model starting off her career as a Muay Thai fighter. She only had 2 months of training before she was thrown into a full contact Muay Thai fight as the main event at the Stardust in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Within 7 years she became a black belt in her discipline and won a world title belt fighting in Thailand.

“I was so young and figured I had been in scraps before; so it never occurred to me that I should be nervous about jumping into the ring so quickly. I was a single Mother and was trying to find a way to make things work.”

Tasha gave birth to her second child a beautiful daughter and has been spending time with her family for the last two years. She is now ready to return to the fight world and in a strong way.

“Having my daughter gave me strength, drive, and motivation. I want to show her that it’s okay to be tough and beautiful. It becomes bigger than yourself when you have people to be strong for.”

She plans on having her first MMA fight within the next couple months. We were able to sit down and chat with Tasha about her switch to MMA.

ER: Why the switch into MMA?

TM: It’s the fastest growing sport and we have amazing training facilities right here in my home town. In order to be the best; you have to train with the best. The Xtreme gym has proven itself over and over that it has one of the best teams in the world. Gina and I come from the same gym….we have known each other forever. So I have Gina Carano, Kim Couture, and Elena Reid as my work out partners. I even have Dennis Davis working a lot of ground with me.

ER: Describe your training?

TM: I am training Muay Thai, boxing, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling. I am really excited about my strength and conditioning. I want to come back stronger and more powerful than ever. I am always more comfortable with my Muay Thai but actually have a bit of a wrestling back round. I wrestled in high school for Las Vegas High. I have such an experienced and successful team behind me. I just can’t wait to have my first fight.

ER: Any Last Words?

TM: I’m just really excited to have a second chance at all of this. I’m much more settled down now and have a lot more knowledge about the way this all works. I know the recipe to success and now with Kim and Xtreme behind me….things are looking pretty good.

Here are some photos of Tasha, including her training with UFC’s 155 lb standout Gray “The Bully” Maynard

by: Elena Reid

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  4. Rachel says:

    Hi! Hope you are still training hard!! I am trying to get out to one of your fights.

    And congrat’s on your little baby girl!!! I bet your little man just loves her soo much!!

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