Martin Kampmann fighting in UFC 93

Posted: January 16, 2009 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Martin Kampmann, UFC


Martin Kampmann is fighting Alexander Barros Jan 17-09 on the UFC 93 card in Dublin. The event will be broadcast on PPV at 10 pm ET or live at 3pm ET.

Martin Is 13-2 and has gone 4-1 in his career for the UFC. Martin is known for his explosive kickboxing and has solid ground skill. While being known as a striker he has finished 3 of his opponents in the UFC by submission. Martin is also making his debut at welterweight (170 lbs). His opponent Martin Barros 13-5-0 is a south paw, accomplished grappler and a product of Gracie Barra. This will be Barros’s debut in the UFC.

Xtreme Couture: “Martin you looked great in training camp and we wish you the BEST OF LUCK!”

By: Elena Reid


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