How to become a Pro Fighter

Posted: January 23, 2009 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Uncategorized

randy1It was recently brought to my attention that I should discuss how one becomes a pro mma fighter.  Well, first, there are no general guidelines one must follow to get  to the promised land known as the Octagon.  Most fighters come from different walks of life with different backgrounds of martial arts.  Then there is also a select few with virtually no background in anything whatsoever, they just want to beat someone up.  And that my friends is the true nature of it all.  We all just want to beat people up, legally of course, and get paid to do it. 

So here are my steps in getting started to become  a pro fighter.  Step one is you need to find a gym in your area.  Now to the layman this isn’t as easy as it may seem.  So what is it that you want to do, is the first thing you need to ask yourself.  When calling a gym it’s best to start out going through your yellow pages in the Martial Arts section.  This is a good step in the right direction.  Start calling up the gyms and ask them if they train fighters for MMA.  If they tell you yes, ask them what they specialize in.  The reason I am telling you this is because some schools focus  primarily on one aspect of the sport like jui jitsu or kickboxing.  Both of these styles are excellent and  very important aspects of the MMA fighter, but you need to be well rounded so don’t limit yourself.  What I mean  is, and again this is all based on your location so options will vary, is if one school does a lot of rolling (slang for jiu jitsu) this is good, but you are going to have to seek out some striking instruction.  Most towns do have a resident boxing coach, whether that be your area Golden Gloves team or a pro gym.  This is good for you to do, especially if there is not a kickboxing school or Muay Thai gym. 

I come from a relatively small town, but within that small town we have two MMA schools.  One of the schools focuses a lot on jui jistu and on kickboxing.  This was very good for me because I came from a very strong wrestling background so I needed to learn both styles.  The other school however did not really have  focus on educating a fighter, but instead a lot of sparring.  Again this is a small town and we don’t have any UFC fighters so the gyms were only open minimal times throughout the week.  What I did and depending on your dedication to becoming great is went to both.  As I became better than the rest of the members, I searched out other schools in my area.  This is what some of you might have to do.  Windshield time is very common place among fighters.  So please don’t let that discourage your desire to fight.

What I have discovered over my few short years of fighting and many years of competing is two things.  You need to analyze yourself before venturing into anything first.  Be honest with yourself, if you are the kind of person that just likes to casually do things try it out and see what you like.  Or, are you the kind of person that knows what you want and goes full steam ahead in your pursuit of excellence.  Please be honest with yourself, I have trained with a lot of people that kid themselves with this delemma.  This will help you a lot with your goals.  If this is something for fun then fight in amatuer fights.  They are not as long and the competition is usually what it means, amatuer.  I have know a lot of people that simply love competing and have no desire to fight at MGM in front of millions.  They just want to compete and have fun, there is nothing wrong with that.  Knowing this is key in your decision. 

When you figure out what your reasons for getting into the sport are you will now how much time to dedicate.  I am sorry to say but if you want to fight on pay-per view you’re gonna have to pay.  This means you might have to travel to several gyms depending on your location, you might have to work a bad job that allows for you to train, and yes you’re going to have to get in shape.  If the gym you have doesn’t know how to condition fighters, and believe me  most don’t, then get online, find famous fighters’ workouts, call a personal trainer, if they don’t know how then get on and check out our Lifestyles page.  Jake Bonnaci is our in-house trainer and probably the best in the world.  This website gives routines on getting fight ready.

These are all things that I feel you need to know before leaping into this sport.  Whatever your background is or lack there of it’s never too late to fight, just look at my boss and coach, Randy Couture.  It is a fun sport that will always push your limitations.  And trust me fellas, wether they say it or not, it will  impress the hell out of the ladies. Just look at Ralph Machio and Patrick Swayze.  I leave you with one last thing, don’t stand on the tracks when the pain train is coming.

January 23, 2009
Dustin Phillips
  1. bazza76 says:

    Excellent advice mate, thanks for that.

  2. nick dafos says:

    nice info !

  3. shahid says:

    i want to get into por fighting but im in the middle east n mma is not very popular cn u pleas guide me on were to fly n how??

  4. Jason C. says:

    You know while I think you hit on key points in this artical. I feel like something is left out of it. I m self am looking into “going pro,” but I can’t seem to find anyone who can tell me how to do that!! You know Medical, contact who? ECT….. Not that I want some-one to hold my hand… But it’s just food for thought… Good artical tho!

    • Mike W. says:

      Exactly what Jason said: what specifically would one do to start getting some pro fights? Or is it just wait around, train, and hope, by sheer luck, that you’re offered a pro fight?

  5. eric smith says:

    I want to set goals for myself in the martial arts field and accomplish these goals and or to see how well I do in karate tournament fighting right now I study American Kenpo Karate I am a purple belt and I competed in one tournament so far I won first in sparring and second in forms. I just want some advise or direction I’m very consumed in watching ufc all the time.

  6. chad surdich says:

    I want to fight. I love to fight. I love to learn and teach the sport.

  7. chad surdich says:

    I am 39yrs old, so my chance to go pro had past since it takes so long to go up the ladder. I still will fight anybody pro or not in any weight class. I am confident in my boxing practice and will gladly prove this whenever is necessary. But my moral to this story is dont wait for the time to pass like i did, jump when your young and do what you love to do.

  8. anthony says:

    i love to fight and im working to go pro

  9. Anthony steven Schott says:

    i love o fight and im working on how to become a better figher

  10. willie sherman says:

    my name is willie sherman , i have training for twenty years and would to fright for you guys call me at 770-446-9245 ext 126

  11. Dale Howard Hughboy says:

    My name is Dale Hughboy, and I’m looking for a trainer to train me and i want to fight in the UFC…..I’ve been training almost a year now….Here’s my number 819-978 0340 or at work 819-978-3060 and ask for my name…..i want to start right away..

  12. BB says:

    I am 16 years old and i want to train MMA and want to fight in the UFC!and i dont want my time to pass!
    Here is my you could contact me!

  13. feysal says:

    my name is feysal and my dream is to become the best fighter in the world believe it not and i plan on it coming true

  14. iknowicantspelldealwithit says:

    best way is to find a gym that does mma or boxing matches at schools or trys to push for biger local events like were your conserts play aske the gym if they have a team then you will know they at lest do amiture mma another way is to look on the web for alot of ufc fighters they almost all have a team that team has a gym that gym will do everything u need once u are at that gym u find that the pro trains at bust your ass of get noticed ask about joing if they say no dont get discuraged now they know you want to be apart of them they will notice you if u keep pushing yourself someday one of their guys will have an injury or just give up alot shit happens good for u. u just happen to be the waight class they need thats the way people do it now joining schools with teams if your serius about it tho you may have to move out of state and dont ask right off the bat train their for 3 months befor asking they hate being asked at day one some of them spent years trying to get in they are a team know your stuff befor asking even if you think u know it all wait a bit train with them befor asking get to know them thats realy the only way otheir ways are forming a team or going solo network find people in your area all wanting to be pros their out their this web page for example find time and place form a routin find trainers their out their if u have a team pool your money spend 6 months traing nothing but then web open agin and look for mma compatitions their not pro but trust me some hard hitting guys are out their u will run into them and it will be a battle like u never seen from ufc like were i live in idaho we have to drive to another state salt lake city, ut to fight its worth it tho thats were u get noticed train hard fight hard and someone will see it their some in florida and all over us california just got to reserch. their is fees of cours sometimes payed but your real pay comes from sponsers goto all your local bizznesses and offer to put their name on your teams website sport their stuff endosthem and they will pay for you to train hard 3 of my friends opend their gym from wining a fight saying powerbar is awsome and a power bar logo on their shirt i mean a fully eqwiped gym and cars and they do nothing but train and win sponsers help u if u realy want to go pro u got to fight like one tho to get that kind of sponser funds the rest is magic or a coin toss ethaer u will get a big contract or you wont alot of people want the same thing as u i mean alot of people it could take a year to be pro or 10 years dont get discuraged always give them a show its about being noticed and not about how fast you can knock someone out well… sometimes you get what i mean good luck guys c ya in the cage

  15. Garrett Day says:

    My coment no really i alwas dream to be a cage fighter as long as i can remeber been a fighter all my life fighting in the street and though my whole high school life cause there was a lot of gang activity.Well I hope thiscomment gets though cause i want to be the best of the best before i get to old im going on to 31 this year so please write email me.thank you !

  16. indy fernandez says:

    That’s exactly wat I’ve been thinkin man I’ve analysed myself and found that I want to be great too, I’m in iowa but I’m from texas , I have I really good payin job but wat I want is to be a fighter so come this winter I’m goin back to texas and train full time I should have a good chunk of change saved by then to able not to work while I train, ur right its never too late I’m only 24 but there are people who tell me I’m too old but I disagree. Thank you for ur advise and hopefully someday you’ll hear bout me.

  17. luxuryskiarticle says:

    Thank you very much for your article.

  18. Edson Dhayson Pereira Dos Anjos says:

    sou lutado de jiu jitsu e mma e quero se 1 lutador profissional já tenho 1 luta e uma vitoria asseito propostas meu telefone:0159491372828


  20. I’m an ama fighter out of oklahoma and nebraska I love nothing more then learning new advanced techniques and moves and while I may be an ama now many tell me I have the makings of a pro I am a manager at jimmy johns on 72nd and dodge in omaha nebraska so randy if u are reading this sliiiiide on through sometime and meet a future champ I’m not cocky just a bit overconfident HAM

    • brad says:

      a hay man i am a amataure fighter wanting to go pro please if any 1 nows any body give me a pro fight call brad 620 249 8681i give all got thank u

  21. Cody P. says:

    I am 16 and i am SOO interested in becoming an mma fighter, but the problem for meh is that there are no gyms around, i live in maryland area and the only gyms around are to far for meh to travel, see’ing as im only 16 so if you can, email meh back some tips please. I am so dedicated to this sport and i will train my heart out. i just need the right place. and people.

  22. I would like to know how one obtains a License to fight ?
    i recently called a promoter and he said i have to get a license to fight at his event .And im looking up the athletic commision of cali. on line and there is no contacts to obtain a license is he bs me is there even a license to fight?

  23. cody huckabe says:

    Hey my name is cody huckabe I’m from russellville AL I’m 19 years old they aint much mma stuff around here bt I been doin mma fightn for about 1 year or so I’m 4-1 so far I took kickboxing nd bjj classes itrained wit a golden gloves boxer for abt 5 or 6 months. Then he went pro that left me wit no place 2 train then I found.a place close 2 myhouse the trainer was paul mcadams train there for awhile then he went pro so they aint no place. 2 train around here and my dream is to become pro it would be nice if I could train wit your team. I need some help if u could help me become pro or just help me in anyway e-mail or call me at 256-648-1258 thanks

  24. Michael A Pryor Jr. says:

    My name is Michael a Pryor Jr.. My teacher name is Jack Kisner. Training to become a UFC fighter is hard and sometimes embrassing when i get waxed by my teacher or another student. I’m 17 now been trianing since i was 16, but i have been getting into fights only god knows when it started. When i turned 16 i realised street fighting was wroug and i wanted tougher oppenents instead of kids who think they got “hands” to fight. My number is 404-468-3245 if your inrested at all to talk to me or refer some tournments to me. I don’t have much money (well my parents are the ones with the jobs) so i couldn’t enter this year’s naga in atlanta tournment, but if you give me a heads up i will save up.

  25. Michael A Pryor Jr. says:

    Also i have a Facebook page with some kinda old grappling videos of me on it. My facebook name is Michael MMA Pryor Jr. Currently there is no official record of me but i have been sparring and taking taek won do as a foundation. I live to fight and love to win. I aim to be the best and will settle for nothing less. A loss for me is like when my teacher makes corrections on my papers at school (even though i hate losing). And if i got to take the pain train to be the best. Then i’ll get to the station afew hours early

  26. Mason says:

    thanks for the info. iv been going to a mma trainer for about 2 years now and i must say i love it. im only 17 but after watching fights on tv since i was little i love it. my dream is to get in the octagon one of these days i know i have a lot of training ahead and alot of pain to still come my way but i love doing it. i fought in school and in the street and would get in trouble a lot. not worth it when you can go and train and have fun with it and maybe become professional one day. thanks

  27. MMA Training says:


    Hi, I would like to know if you will allow me to post this article on my blog for my viewers if I make sure to add the link to your blog as the article source. I get asked this question a lot and it would be very helpful to my viewers.

    Please let me know. Thank you

  28. hector says:

    But the legalities is what I want to know. Is there a special listen and medical needed to fight.

  29. jackkkie boy says:

    all u mother fuckers sound the same if u are real fighters youll shut ya mouths and keep fighting an forget how to lose i mean a fight is a fight the bullshit mediia controlls u wtf is ufc and who the hell is chuck liddel if ya wanna live like a rock star fight amuterly get in street fights an do porn if ya wanna fight close ya mouths cause ya might get knocked out an fight like the he men u’s think u are and if ur 16 or under focus on school

  30. FB says:

    Hey Guys,

    I see alot of you wanting to fight. If any of you are on the East Coast here in the States and are looking for a fight, feel free to hit me up and I’ll find you one. Pro or Amateur. I’ll just need validation that you have fought before and if you haven’t, you need to be training out of an established camp. (No freestyle/train at home fighters). Best of luck!


  31. Tee says:

    What if i am a female i am serious about this but want to know the steps to get there. Being a female i assume it will be a lot harder i am willing to go through whatever to get to my goals. I was in the marine corps and did a few fights in a fight club made of marines. I always wanted to do this legally and professionally, someone please let me know!

  32. nicky says:

    I am a 14 year old boy ……….. 7 years ago .. i was a fighter at school i was in every school fight but now…… im not my self anymore i dont fight anymore ……. people are always walking over me and i just dont do anything …… people say stuff abou my parents and call me names and push me … i just dont do anything …….. i want to do mma but my parents dont want me to ….. i dont know if im too afraid of the kids , i dont know if im being a pissy …. all i want to do is fight but i NEVER do i dont know what to do i think that when i do mma i will see mtyself as a fighter and wont be afraid to defend myself ,,,,,,, i want to be a pro mma fighter like fedor, frank , ken , they are my role models … i know alot of submisions … kimura, omoplata,knee bar,flying knee bar, armbar , flying armbar , triangle choke ,flying triangle choke, gogopala , and can perfect all of these so i see myself as a good fighter but i want to be a GREAT fighter !!!!! …….. Any help please?

    • edward selman says:

      you more than likely was just being a kid. I was the same way and then the same thing happened to me. this what I did. find things that make you angry, but here is the important thing to do. remember that feeling. that fireball In your soul, it is best to add a picture or a song or some sort of mental image to this. and when ever you want to get in a fight close your eyes and picture the image. imagine it in you soul, a fireball of anger and then just set it free. all that is left is to control it. like a gun it is very powerful & it can get out of control quickly. hope it works.

  33. Ben says:

    I’m really disappointed. All that was said was how to train, not how to get paid to fight. Please tell us how to get a paid gig as a fighter.

  34. Nick says:

    My name is Nick, from Ontario, Canada.
    I intend on being the best fighter in history.
    Dreams are false, no point in dreaming.
    If you really want something you have to take it, not want to take it, only for it to become inaccessible.

    Another key factor is confidence. You will hear it all the time from your coaches, but you can never hear it too many times. Many fighters go into MMA unprepared. You have to go into it knowing fully well what you are capable of, what your limits are, and if you can surpass them.

  35. dalton ramey says:

    hey my name is dalton ramey and im a young kid who jus found his calling ive always been a naturle athlete an ive been good at everything ive set my mind to do. ive wrestled for my school but only at practice but the time i was there my coach was really impressed an he thought i wrestled before… but my career as a wrestler ended cause of my grades,, i jus got out of school an im ready to be a PRO MMA fighter everyone rember my name DALTON RAMEY i will be in the UFC sooner than later im a cofident person an i have deadcation an im determined to achive this im not saying im gonna be the best at this because theres gonna always someone out there whos got ur number but i promise u this my number is gonna be hard to find……….. but i need a good traning partner an all my friends are pussys so if anyones interested hit me up…. or ur better off on reaching me on my facebook.

  36. Steven says:

    There’s a local kid training out of Guelph,Ontario.He’s only 15,205 lbs and schools most of his Coaches!He’s trained in Jiu Jitsu,Wrestling,Muay Thai and even Boxing with some of the best around.

    Can’t wait to see this kid in AMMA!

    Brandon “The Conqueror” Cao!

  37. Nassif says:

    Hellow guys , for my opinion, if someone want to become a pro fighter, it’s for sure impossible , all u have to do is to train hardly , and to believe that u can do it , just do ur best , just be positive in all what u are doing, and u’ll find some day that u r a really a pro fighter like the fighter who’s playing in UFC and other fighters and others and… , also and the important thing to do is to pray and to ask god to help you … . that’s all 😀 , trust in urself and everything is easy . gd luck for all those who want to become a professional fighters . see yaaaaaa 😀

  38. karabo molea says:

    Im hungry 2bcum an mma fighter al i nid is sum cmpetition nd a chnc

  39. says:

    I believe this web site holds some rattling great info for everyone :D.

  40. nicky says:

    can anybody plz just tell me what i need 2 do ? read my story plz i need HELP!!!!!!!!!

  41. noah says:

    I want to be a MMA fighter but i really don’t know how i mean there is Boxing Gym’s,Martial art’s and Jujistu gym’s and even the Coca Cola center where there is lower level MMA matches held every month so i mean …..if i got into all of this for the next 4 years would this possibly move me to that evel of MMA fighting?

  42. Samuel Szymanski says:

    Thanks, great help 🙂

  43. Raul lopez says:

    I want to become a mma fighter I always wanted to fight in the octagon ill work hard

  44. Robert says:

    I train between 3gyms been in several amiture matches won 3 belts I want to go from amiture to pro how do I do this. I have beaten pros by the way

    • Anonymous says:

      Wtf is an “amiture”

    • Anonymous says:

      you have to get sponcers to sponser your fights and a coach and team to back you. You must first prove yourself to the organizations that put the fights together like “559 fights” and get your ranking up. Then talk to your coach and see what he can do for you. Or you can talk to those agencys yourself.

  45. Kevin Tarma says:

    Thanks for the tips man..iam barely starting and won my first fight a month ago., hope to go big with effort..

  46. curious in cali says:

    I know quite a few fighters who are categorized as pro. It seems like anybody that kisses butt long enough gets tagged w/a pro fighter name. My question is how can they be pro if they arent fighting any big fights, have limited experience and have only fought small local fights? The pros i see on tv have black belts in various different martial arts. The guys im talking about dont know squat about martial arts.

  47. Jose says:

    This is great advice. I’m still young and I feel like this is what I want to do in life. The only problem is my area. I live in a poor ghetto like area with no gyms in my town. And since life where I live is the way it is I have trouble leaving town to get to a gym somewhere else. Any advice on this situation?

  48. edward selman says:

    thanks for that. just what I wanted to hear. so be ready because mma here I come, and I am bring the pain. 3 engines and 4 carts of TNT. let’s see what happened. now don’t look for me tomorrow because it will probably be about 3-4 years before you find me. just listen for RIBCAGE.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Ralph machio, yuck 😆

  50. Anonymous says:

    im from sarnia Ontario and just wonder if its like a pro licence in Canada and if you have to have so many amateur fights first or if it is like you have to pay and try a test any advice would help thx

  51. Alyssa says:

    I like wear your going and thanks for the inspire ashian

  52. Adrian says:

    Hi!!! I am 32 ears old,but I want stay professional fighter! What my chance?

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