Affliction Aftermath

Posted: January 28, 2009 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Uncategorized

jay-belt1For those of you who hadn’t heard the results of Afflictions second installment here they are.  Our guys did very well, as Jay “Thorobred” Hieron scored himself a knockout to start off the year.  It didn’t come without pain though, but not like you might think.  Jay was supposed to be the last fight on the undercard, which aired on HDnet.  However do to time restraint instead of just continueing the card as normal and airing his fight on Pay-Per view they made him wait until after the main event.  Luckily for Jay, the main card went quicker than the undercards.  Jay’s teammate, Vitor Belfort, scored himself a sensational knockout as well, over former UFC middleweight contender Matt Linland.  Jay stayed calm and when it came his time to shine, his star burned bright, for about a minute and a half.  Thats how long it took him to have  Jason High counting Serta Mattress sheep.  Congratulations goes out to both of our guys.

   My hats go off to fellow teammate and friend Chris Hordecki.  Chris was not allowed to fight because of medical reasons.  He had  a great camp and when he got out to Anaheim, the doctor was unable to pass him due to an injury suffered earlier in the year.  Chris did however stay there to support his teammates and help out.  That my friends is what being a member of our team is about, supporting one another. 

  As for the rest of the show, my long time friend and fellow Kansan, L.C Davis scored himself a nice victory over late replacement Boa Quach.  Fedor knocked out Arlovski, Barnett beat Yvel, Nogueirra won and  Babalu got himself another victory.  It was a good show overall for Affliction.  If anyone wants to catch Jay Hieron’s fight HDnet is planning on re-airing his fight shortly.  So just remember people don’t stand on the tracks, when the pain trains coming.


January 28, 2009
Dustin Phillips 

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