From MMA and Muay Thai to Making Movie Magic

Posted: June 24, 2009 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Joey Varner

Xtreme Couture head kickboxing coach Joey Varner teamed up with Role7 productions to participate in the 48 Hour Film Project (48FHP). The 48FHP is an international film festival in which the competing teams draw a film genre from a hat and are given characters, props, and lines of dialogue that they must use in their movie. After all the teams have drawn their genres they are given 48 hours to write a script, shoot and edit a 5-7 minute long film.  Joey’s teams genre was surprise ending. Their movie is titled “Reset”. Check it out below.

  1. Love it! The ending is hilarious. I thought the head-shot was the surprise ending and then I was the kid and “game over”. Awesome.

  2. Played it 3times, really interesting video! Thanks for sharing this!

    MMA Pound for Pound Fan!

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