TakeDown Radio’s TDR TV on xtremecouture.tv

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Wrestling and MMA Fans Now Able to View TakeDown Radio’s TDR TV on Xtremecouture.Tv


Des Moines, IA- September 28, 2009- TakeDown Radio’s (TDR) newest and most innovative product, TDR TV, has been added to one of combat sports most popular web sites. TDR TV’s 24th episode is the first to appear on xtremecouture.tv, the on-line presence for the Xtreme Couture enterprise, which is owned by MMA and wrestling icon, Randy Couture.

Wrestling and MMA fans will enjoy weekly video recaps of America’s wrestling news via the half hour program. The program is made possible in part by Xtreme Couture, where host Scott Casber covers college and international news, with a little MMA sprinkled in as well. TDR TV provides a new and great way to see where MMA’s next big stars are coming from, that being wrestling!

Xtreme Couture is a long standing supporter of TakeDown Radio. Now, their support extends to include TDR TV, at nearly the same time they launched their own new video programming, a training DVD titled Wrestling for Fighting. In total, the Xtreme Couture enterprise includes training centers, camps, apparel, training videos, and energy drinks. TDR TV joins a wealth of content on the xtremecouture.tv site including blogs, forums, as well as an MMA store.

“TDR and Xtreme Couture have been in lock step regarding advancing the opportunities for wrestlers. The addition of our video programming to their web site exemplifies our mutual goals and visions”, stated TDR’s Scott Casber. As another great example of those synergies, Xtreme Couture has added Pan Am Freestyle Champion Brian Keck as its wrestling coach. Keck has also worked closely with TDR over the years, and on many levels.

The TDR web site (takedownradio.com) was recently upgraded. In addition to TDR TV, it’s a great place to hear timely audio interviews via live streams, archived episodes, pod casts, and RSS feeds

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