Xtreme Couture Welcomes Brian Keck – Head Wrestling Coach

Posted: September 30, 2009 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Uncategorized

Brian Keck has joined the ranks of elite trainers here at Xtreme Couture.  Brian brings an impressive wrestling resume.

Brian started wrestling as a High School Freshman and within just 4 years Brian won the Ohio Hish School State Championships. After High School Brian continued his wrestling and became a College National Champion.

After getting his degree Brian moved to Colorado Springs and began training at the Olympic Training Center. For eight years Brian competed at the highest level in wrestling and traveled to over 27 countries, he became a 3X USA National Team Member and was crowned with a Gold Medal at the Pan American Games.

Brian is now heading up our Xtreme Couture (USA Wrestling) Charter Club, coaching our public wrestling classes and helping our Amateur and Professional MMA teams fine tune their skills.

If you are new to wrestling and grappling or want your child to learn year round for competitive wrestling please come down and watch one of Brian’s classes and you’ll see why he is a champion and why we are excited to have him on board!


  1. Myrtle Hickman says:

    Congratulations, Brian.

  2. Greg Keck says:

    Just found out a psychiatrist friend on mine is a UFC follower-to say the least! She was just in Vegas for the fights on Saturday. She is quite excited to hear about your involvements!

  3. Janet says:

    that’s me Greg! Awesome !!! I’ve been converted. Very very cool indeed.

  4. Mary Willits says:

    hey congrats, hope I get to Las Vegas sometime. Shannon his daughter and I are in Tucson, he is stationed here and I am playing grammy to an 8 yr old. If you come to Tucson, your always welcome at my house or Shannon’s.
    He is in Las Vegas for work this weekend, Yah that is what I said, Las Vegas weekend.
    Again, Congrats, just seemed like yesterday we were all in OHIO

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