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23 Oct 2009 – (For Immediate Release)

Fighters Inc in association with HNL Media Group are pleased to announce the UK launch of Randy Couture’s autobiography “Becoming The Natural” on Sunday 15th November in the City Centre of Manchester.

Randy Couture – voted “The Greatest Fighter of All Time” by viewers’ choice – who is set to headline at the world-famous M.E.N. Arena as the UFC returns to Manchester on Saturday 14th of November is still the most recognisable face in the fastest growing sport on the planet. The five-time UFC champion and arguably the most popular name in mixed martial arts has been at the forefront to bring the sport into the mainstream. Couture, 46, will be battling light-heavyweight contender Brandon Vera. He continues to fight at the highest level and has also made a transition into Hollywood – MMA fans eagerly await the release of the Stallone Blockbuster in which Couture has a major part in.


Couture – whose autobiography ‘Becoming The Natural’ became a New York Times bestseller when it was released in America – will be in Manchester promoting his book the day after the fight at a special event. In this ground-breaking book the UFC hall-of-famer culminates on his life story leaving no stone unturned. In this fascinating and thought-provoking book you will discover the real Randy Couture, who is one of the world’s most gifted athletes and a modern-day sports hero who has endeared himself to MMA lovers over the years, achieving a celebrity status that other exponents of the sport can only dream of.


This is a very rare opportunity to meet the UFC legend in person. In this ticket-only event each person will receive a personally signed copy of the book, and have the opportunity to take a photograph with Mr. Couture. There will also be a short Q&A experience with Randy ensuring a rare experience for all true MMA fans to come face to face with a legend in an enjoyable afternoon.


The ‘Official UK Book Release/Afternoon with Randy Couture Event’ will take place on Sunday 15th November from 11 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. at

Hard Rock Cafe , Exchange Square, Manchester, M4 2BS.

LIMITED PLACES!! Book your place NOW l at www.fightersinc.net/experience.htm

  1. JT says:

    Randy needs to come to arizona for a signing.

  2. james says:

    hey randy if u read this im im with that guy JT ur one of my heroes and porbably the reason i got into MMA which is now a giant part of my life. If you can you should come to arizona near surprise its becoming a larger town and u should open up a MMA gym here cause the only martial art here is karate.

  3. I have always looked up to Randy. He is the reason I started fighting in the frst place. Beig as old as he is convinced m that I wasnt over the hill either and since then ive gone 18-1-1 (7-0-1 as amature, 11-1 NSF’s)

    My question for him would be what happenned with James Thompson and why did he give up on James so fast.

    James is a freind of mine and hes gettting his arse kicked all over the world and Randy didnt do jack for him before OR after the Jim York fight.

    To say the least I was pretty dissapointed in him.

  4. bernie says:


    I met you with your wife, and I guess ex now Kim at The Golden Nugget in the cafe.

    I’m a VIP at the Nugget, and next time you’re in Columbus Ohio look me up!


  5. Marco Yanitelli says:

    Well it looks like Im going to Randy’s 3 day training camp.

    Ill get to work with him and some other trainers specifically on my wrestling. In addition each day ends with a Q&A session and Im going toget answers regarding James.

    Randy offerred to train Hatton to fight MMA but he didnt do Jack for James Thompson who really doesnt deserve all the crap hes had to deal with over the past couple years. Not to mention Gary Shaw’s interference which caused a bottling NC in a fight James was going to win. Gary Shaw also fixxed that fight with Kimbo- even Brett Rodgers said Kimbo tapped out at the press conference.

    Im tired of him getting robbed and treated like walking dead meat. I hope randy has a god explanation. His wife sent me an email abt it but not Randy.

    Anyway those are the breaks I guess

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