Neil Melanson – talks Randy Couture & UFC 105

Posted: November 19, 2009 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Neil Melanson, randy couture
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Meet Neil Melanson our head Jits coach here at Xtreme Couture.  Neil has proven his technique to not only Randy Couture but also to our students at the gym and our XCMMA Fight Team. All of whom have grown to love and respect what Neil has been teaching.

Neils approach when training fighters like Randy Couture is to antagonize, frustrate and make them better by not feeding egos. It’s black and white with Neil,  you want a world class  Jits coach, Neil is it.


Watch the video below and Neil also talks about his new book he is putting together and gives you some insight on what his plans are.


  1. Jeff Sommers says:

    I have grappled him and he is one of the finest grapplers in the world. I can hold my own in any amateur or low level pro grappling comp but this guy tore me apart with ease. I can’t wait to get his book.

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