Yoshihiro Akiyama – Interview at Xtreme Couture

Posted: November 26, 2009 by Xtreme Couture MMA in xtreme couture

Yoshihiro Akiyama has been spending some time training with the stars like Randy Couture, Gray Maynard, Mike Pyle, Forrest Griffin and many more here at Xtreme Couture.

Akiyama talked about facing Wanderlei Silva at UFC 110 in Sydney Australia in 2010 , whether he would ever consider dropping down to welterweight, the legend that is “Sexyama,” and his unique entrance music.

Like to note that our very own Jessica Choe who is an integral part of the staff here at Xtreme Couture is the “sexymama” voice that is translating for Akiyama.

  1. Brock Lesnar says:

    Yo! Is your feed working properly, or is it me having the problem?

  2. Dana White says:

    I’m having the problem, too! It’s fuckin’ unbelievable!

  3. Jesus says:

    This fight isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

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