Women’s classes at Xtreme Couture taking off!

Posted: March 5, 2010 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Erin Toughill, xtreme couture

On February 21, 2010, Xtreme Couture MMA held another successful womens-only seminar!

The focus of the seminar was womens self-defense awareness and was taught by professional fighter and Xtreme Couture MMA instructor, Erin Toughill.

Erin is a former professional boxer with notable fights against Layla Ali and Jackie Frazier-Lyde, daughters of boxing greats Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, respectively.  She also has over 13 professional MMA fights which includes a spectacular knockout of Marloes Coenen, former Strikeforce title contender.

Here at the gym we had a chance to speak with Erin and get her thoughts about the class and the goals she wanted to achieve.  “The class was a basic, female only, all level seminar that introduced women to safe and fun fitness exercises as well as different aspects of self defense that all women can do and should know!” Erin stated.  The class consisted of roughly 25 enthusiastic women all eager to learn from the talented and experienced Toughill.

Erin wanted to make sure that many aspects of self-defense and womens fitness were all covered, “My outlook on the class is that a healthy, fit, fun way of life can affect your mind, body and soul in a litany of positive ways. We want you to participate in the class that’s right for you and your lifestyle, but can promise if are CONSISTENT you will see great change.”

Many of the participants had great things to say about the experience and their instructor, ” Erin was very gung-ho during the class!” One of the students mentioned.

“My goal for the women’s fitness is just to expose women to a new healthy, fit, fun lifestyle that includes working out, eating well and thinking positively!  The women that come here should not feel pressured to participate in anything they’re not comfortable with and they should know their safety is the gyms FIRST concern.

I’m not trying to turn the women into fighters, I’m trying to show them how important health and fitness is and how it can impact your life with great lifelong benefits if you stick with our women’s program at Xtreme Couture!”

With such a great experience for all of the participants to walk away with it shouldn’t be long before another womens seminar takes place here at the gym.

Since Xtreme Couture MMA incorporated strictly womens only classes we have seen increased numbers in female members who not only didn’t know what to expect coming in for the first time but also had a great time learning and couldn’t wait to come back for more.  There are now upwards of eight womens classes to date at newly low rates.

For more information call 702-616-1022.

  1. Autumn says:

    When are we going to see these classes in oregon…..?

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