Couture on Fedor – Time to Step it Up

Posted: March 11, 2010 by Xtreme Couture MMA in randy couture

Randy Couture has now joined the growing number of people in the mixed martial arts community who are questioning what’s going on with Fedor Emelianenko.

Couture questioned why Fedor seems to be stalling in scheduling his next fight, which is supposed to come against Fabricio Werdum.

  1. davidbar says:

    Fedor might not be as good as everybody think he is … and maybe he knows it ….. everybody knows top fighters belong to UFC !

  2. Robbs says:

    Fedor would struggle against randy, Brock, Mir & Carwin… In my opinion!

  3. rich says:

    Fedor could be the best fighter pound by pound, just need to knock out another ufc champ like he already did, lucky for couture, he never fight against fedor, emeliakeko needs a real champ to bit up

  4. indy fernandez says:

    I’ve never seen fedor fight but to be undefeated in MMA is something to be credited for.

  5. Glenn says:

    I must say that I agree with this wholeheartedly. He seems to have his own little financial empire built around himself and doesn’t want to risk it fighting out of events they can bully and control.local search marketing
    ! Hope it continues..

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