Xtreme Couture fighters thoughts on Anderson Silva’s performance at UFC 112

Posted: April 15, 2010 by Xtreme Couture MMA in xtreme couture
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Here what our fighters thought about Anderson Silva’s performance at UFC 112.

  • Jay Hieron “leave that stuff outside the cage and do your job..”
  • Ray Sefo “What Fight?”
  • Martin Kampmann “Boring, Bad Fight…Anderson Silva made himself look stupid”
  • Tyson Griffin “Pretty Lack Luster”
  • Mike Pyle “Two Thumbs Down..”
  • Ron Frazier “Wasn’t as exciting as it could of been..”
  • Amir Sadollah “I think he didn’t want to take a chance…”

  1. Elvira says:

    I think he’s an awesome fighter but by the end of the fight I was angry and frustrated. It lacked love and respect for the sport.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Silva should have just finished him quick, that would have spoken louder than the antics he pulled. He showed no respect for the Octogon!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think he lost a lot of credibility and fans by doing that.

  4. Cheyenne says:

    This wasn’t his first fight I’ve been disappointed with. I understand he’s defending the title but you still gotta fight! Not worth paying the money to see him in a headline fight if that’s all we’re going to get. What happen to the bragging he did on no one being able to get him to the third round and now he lets them walk him to the 5th.

  5. Alex says:

    With the ref stopping it in the 5th round to warn him he was going to take a point that really got me thinking. Why did this not happen in the third round on? I mean I can understand feeling your opponent out and maybe staying away in 1 and 2 but then things just got worse from 3 on. The refs should be able to take a point for using that strategy in that fashion. It was insulting to every guy who works his ass off to get in the octagon.

  6. colin says:

    silva needs GSP to out-class him

  7. Fernando Mayrl says:

    New essential MMA skill: marathon running. I was just waiting for Dan Miragliotta to slap him in the face!

  8. Bill says:

    I didn’t see the fight, but if I didn’t know any better, I’d think Silva lost. I’ve seen him fight before and he’s devastating.

    Seems like he’s not respecting anything anymore and has just given up. I hope somebody comes along and gives him a real fight.

    That would be good for him and for the sport.

  9. VEe! says:

    “He doesn’t seem like the kind of fighter that wants to push himself and walk through punches” – Tyson Griffin

    You have to be kidding me. Who wants to walk through punches? And why would you want to?

    “There’s nothing cool about taking punishment” – Floyd Mayweather Jr.
    A small list of fighter that do not walk through punches:
    Pernell Whitaker
    Lyoto Machida
    early Muhammad Ali
    Roy Jones Jr
    Ray Leonard
    and yes Anderson Silva.

    While I was not crazy about the 4th and 5th rounds . . . the first two rounds WERE BRILLIANT.

  10. sukotsuto says:

    It’s probably one of the main reasons why they’re considering reducing the the octagon size. What is up with the trend of some of these UFC champs who couldn’t finish fights?

  11. M.Massie says:

    I don’t think Demian got robbed, but I do think he deserved a better fight from Silva… what a shame, it could have been a great fight.

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