James Toney vs. Randy Couture UFC 118

Posted: April 23, 2010 by Xtreme Couture MMA in randy couture
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Natalia Baage by

Natalia Baage

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James Toney‘s wishes may be granted. He called out Randy Couture, and Couture stepped up. The two may meet at UFC 118 in Boston, Mass.

Though the bout is not official, it is being targeted for the Aug. 28 card. Couture, a long-time fixture in the sport, has openly stated that he would take on Toney, who has called out several reputable fighters.

Currently, a weight division has not been set for the fight. Couture has been the UFC champion of both the light-heavyweight and heavyweight division, and is still willing to fight at either weight class. Toney has stated that he could cut weight, but he is primarily known as a heavyweight fighter.

Another question mark is where the bout will be placed on the card. Other bouts slated for UFC 118 include an immediate lightweight championship rematch between newly-crowned Frankie Edgar and former champion B.J. Penn, and another lightweight battle between Kenny Florian and Gray Maynard has also been set up to decide the next number one contender.

It is uncertain whether Couture vs. Toney will headline the event. However, since Edgar vs. Penn is a title event, it is likely that the bigger men will co-headline.

Toney is a celebrated boxer and will most likely be looking to stand with Couture. While Couture’s striking has merit, there are few who can outstrike Toney. However, boxing is not mixed martial arts. With Couture’s advanced abilities in wrestling, it is very likely that Couture will either engage in the clinch or wrestle Toney to the ground and proceed to ground-and-pound a victory.

UFC President Dana White said that he does not know why he signed Toney.

“People keep asking me what’s next for him, who’s he gonna fight,” White said at a UFC 111 pre-fight press conference in March. “I have no idea. We did this deal and now I gotta figure out what I’m gonna do with him and how I’m gonna do this thing.”

With White’s ambivalence towards Toney’s future in the UFC, the consensus is that White may cut Toney if he loses his debut. While this is entirely possible, fans can indulge themselves in the ongoing battle of which will come out on top: boxing or MMA.

  1. kaden says:

    me thinx t’will be “lights out” for toney unless he has learnt some groundwork. randy to win 🙂 !!

  2. […] Natural’ Couture (edit: Randy Couture’s twitter has also confirmed the bout – link). Upon Toney’s signing, Couture was one of the first fighters to throw his name in the hat to […]

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