Member of the Month – Eddie Lister

Posted: September 1, 2010 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Uncategorized

Xtreme Couture – Member of the Month

We would like to dedicate this Member of the Month (our first) to Eddie Lister. Eddie has shown great discipline and continues to develop in the sport of MMA. He always works hard and we believe his talent and great work ethic will take him far. Good job Eddie!

“Eddie’s hard work and discipline has shown in all of his training sessions. With the same focus he will achieve everything he puts his mind to!”

– Tim Lane

“My original motivation to become a Mixed Martial Artist was the first time I watched a UFC event on TV. I didn’t need to join to learn how to deal with bullies because I was brought up by my parents to have self confidence.

Then I found out that my favorite UFC champion, Randy Couture had a gym in Las Vegas. I was so excited I had to ask my dad. He said yes, and now it’s been 2,5 months and I feel positive I will someday step into the UFC octagon on my way to becoming a champion.

On my first visit, I was nervous. I was lucky to have Tim show me around and make me feel like I really could make Xtreme Couture my second home. To show my parents how dedicated I am, I ride 2 hours on the bus, and then they come and let me drive home. I feel like I owe lot to all my trainers. They are all true professionals and I hope to make them proud of me. Xtreme Couture and their staff rocks!”

– Eddie Lister

  1. Ryan says:

    well done, keep up the good work!

  2. Amber G. says:

    Awe, that is soo sweet to say about your trainers 🙂 I am sure there reward is seeing dedicated clients like you progress, and feel great about what your learning!

  3. Eddie Lister says:

    I try my very best! I Never let the phrase ” Giving up” go through my head.

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