Xtreme Couture – 4.2.11 – Saturday Night Fights @ 5pm (Couture vs Jones)

Posted: April 1, 2011 by Xtreme Couture MMA in ryan couture, xtreme couture
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Please plan to join us tomorrow night for a great evening of exhibition boxing and kickboxing fights.

Doors will be open all day and the fights plan to kick off at 5pm.
* 9-10 Boxing and Kickboxing matches are planned.

Entry into the venue  is $10 for Non- Members – $5 for XCMMA Members.
Proceeds will benefit the non-profit Xtreme Couture Gi Foundation (www.xcgif.com)

Headlining the event is two unbeaten professional Xtreme Couture fighters Ryan Couture vs. Jimmy Jones.

While many may see this as  glorified sparring these two have some what of a love hate relationship.

We asked Jimmy (Twink)  Jones about the fight and he said  “After he wakes up he is going to be a little confused and disoriented. I will be there to break the news to him as soon as he is conscious!”

Ryan Couture was more that angry when he learned of  the trash talking by Mr. Jones and Couture replied “Twink has been the cockiest girl in the gym for a while now.  That’s going to change tomorrow when I break his back and teach him to be humble!”

Sparks are going to fly as these two look to put on a memorable show for the ages!

So changes your plans, make your plans and get down here tomorrow night!

  1. Twink says:

    Ryan is going to get his shit pushed in tomorrow night. Mark my words.

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