Bright future for Ryan Couture after defeat of KJ Noons

Posted: January 14, 2013 by Xtreme Couture MMA in ryan couture, xtreme couture
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There is NO doubt about Ryan Couture as an elite MMA fighter that holds his own winning four in a row and his professional MMA record is now 6-1. The future is looking very bright indeed for Couture.

Part of his success is backed by an amazing group of coaches at Xtreme Couture like (Neil Melanson – Head Grappling Coach, Dennis Davis – Pro Team & MMA Coach, Tim Lane – Striking Coach and Jake Bonacci – Strength & Conditioning Coach).
Ryan controlled the pace of the fight all 3 rounds with good movement, quick hands and even a spinning back kick planted to the chest of Noons in the first. The only chance Noons seemed to have in this fight was in the second, but the conditioning and the Couture inside was not going to be stopped. Ryan finished the fight in a very active and aggressive pace with knees to KJs ribs and excellent striking that made round 3 easily Couture’s.

This is what Randy Couture said this about the fight.

“Great job by Ryan tonight !! Very happy with his performance . Tough fight but we knew that going in . KJ is a great striker and hard to take down ! I’am confident Ryan won the 1st and the 3rd rounds ! It was a great fight and fun to watch . Very proud of the grit, determination and growth that Ryan displayed tonight.”

If you want to get Ryan’s take on the fight check out his interview on Sherdog.

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  1. I pretty much agree with all of the above .

    Ryan pressed the fight from 1’st to last , Noons did counter strike cleanly but in no way did he do enough to win it , for me he showed no real urgency he looked happy to coat & hope for Ryan to make a mistake .

    As for Ryan , thats the 3’rd time I have seen him now & its the 3’rd time I have seen him improve upon his previous performance .

    I was very impressed with the display of kick boxing & orthodox boxing he put on .

    In his previous fights he displayed his capabilities on the ground to the point I was convinced but it left me with questions about his stand up , his display against Noons has left that in no doubt .

    Ryan Couture is for real .

    Ryan has all his old mans heart , determination , work ethic , fantastic conditioning & the ability to force the fight from the first minute to the last minute .

    Randy was a nightmare for everyone & regardless if he won ,lost or drew his opponents always knew the meaning the of the word F-I-G-H-T the day after .

    Most frightening for any & all future opponents is that Ryan also appears to have his old mans ability & willingness to constantly learn & improve .

    I had a suspicion Ryan’s development was almost a project for the team of coaches & Randy at Extreme Couture & what a team to have working on you eh ?

    The level of coaching & the standard of sparring is clearly absolutely excellent .

    Now the dust has settled on the Noons fight I’m convinced we are now seeing the finishing touches being applied to that project .

    Once I see Ryan’s take-downs rivaling the old school Team Quest (Couture,Lindland,Sonnen,Hendo etc) & GSP’s standards I’ll be convinced there is little else for him to master , his striking & Submission game is in place & only experience is needed now for those to produce finishes at the high level he is competing at .

    The best compliment I can give Ryan after that fight is that I started wondering how he would fair in a match up against Henderson .

    I have no doubt that is the direction he is headed & after putting it all together over 5 or 6 UFC fights I dont think he will be far away & once again we see the Couture standard in & around the outcome of UFC Championship fights .

    So far so good , congratulations to everyone involved in the “Project”

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