About Xtreme Couture MMA

Xtreme Couture MMA is home to some of the best MMA fighters in the world. Founded in late 2006 by Randy Couture is now home for top UFC veterans like Evan Dunham, Gray Maynard, Tyson Griffin, Mike Pyle, Martin Kampmann and many more.

Open to the public daily from 8am to 9pm Xtreme Couture gives people of all experience levels to train right next to the pros.

For more information please visit http://www.xtremecouture.tv

  1. Dongsik Yu says:

    Hello. Mr. Couture or someone related to Xtreme Couture gym.

    I am Dongsik Yu, editor from Korean MMA magazine called MFIGHT(www.mfight.co.kr)

    MFIGHT and I are very interested in reporting about current UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture and his upcoming status.

    I really want to visit Florida to take photos and have an interview with Randy Couture. However, since I am working in South Korea which is very far from Florida, it is unfortunately pretty much impossible.

    Therefore, I would ask you whether I can download the photos updated in Xtreme Couture webpage and use those photos to my article which all of the Korean MMA fans would read.

    Or If you can send me updated photos through my e-mail so that i can use those photos with MFIGHT logos in it. I am very intersted in a cooperation between Xtreme Couture and MFIGHT. If you have any training videos of Randy or Wanderlei or any other fighters, is it possible to send me through e-mails? or msn?

    Also, I want to have some communication method to do some interview with Randy Couture and other fighters in the gym.

    If you can reply to my mail with your phone numbers or anything like that, I would be very glad.

    Thank you so much. I feel very sorry to ask you many questions all of a sudden. But I really want to share things with you.

    Thank you again.

    -Sincerely, Dongsik Yu-

    • JOHN NEUFELD says:

      my brothers and i trained with shawn t when he lived in aylmer ont.
      just trying to find out a way to make contact and tell him hi from all the neufeld brothers.

  2. reynaldo says:

    I Hope you win on ufc 74

  3. charles blanchard says:

    hey i was wondering if i could come down some time and train i live in jacksonville florida i am a pro fighter with a record of 7-1 i am going to train in vegas at randys camp in november I have talk to ron frazier several times about training there now learning of such a high level camp so close to home i would be hononred to come train please contact me and may i have a number to reach some one with to talk to about this

  4. wdgardner says:

    hello extreme couture i am logged in my husbands name. the reason being is we live in england and he is coming to vegas in december for the mayweather fight and his dream is to visist your gym. He has been told he can only do this by invitation only. so is there anyway you could arrange this for me as a surprise thankyou. oh by the way my name is jackie
    ps well done randy we watched you lastnight on tv you was fantastic

  5. Scott says:

    I would be honored to be invited to train at the Xtreme camp. I want to become the best and train with the best.

    Thank you!

  6. bobby lucarellie says:

    randy im 42 years of age i was diagnosed w/ parkinson and when i saw you come and do what you do in the ufc i started at 40 years old on my path to jiujitsu your a great role model i live in pensacola fl and cant wait to come to your school in fl the doctors say my jiujitsu has helped me thankn for being a power of example to us guys over 40 your friend bobby the italian bad ass lucarellie

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  8. former fan says:

    what a disappointment. the best fighter in the world succumbing to greed and ego. so many people used to be behind randy couture. now it’s difficult to tell who the liars are. all over a stupid fight with fedor, of all people.

    for all the fans that work their asses off at their jobs and are underapprciated, they still pay to see competition. they certainly don’t make 3/4 million for months of work.

    criticizing randy couture used to be off limits in the MMA world. the one guy who nobody had a bad word to say about. no question randy deserves to be the highest paid fighter in the world. fedor does not, but how else does one attain such a difficult guy than to offer him a large sum of money that we all knew he was going to turn down.

    to hell with fedor, this stupid fight, and all the bullshit surrounding the egos, the money, and not being appreciated. randy used to be appreciated by the fans. we already knew dana white was shady, but never in a million years did we think we would have the same opinion of a great individual like randy couture.

    it’s a very sad day.

  9. Thorazine says:

    Here’s my opinion that I have written on other sites as an MMA fan regarding Couture and his recent press conference.

    My opinion will change if there’s no 18 month expiration period in Couture’s 4 fight contract, I’m assuming as of now there is one).

    If the UFC never offered Fedor millions, Couture’s contract may never have bubbled up to the surface as an issue. To Randy it’s about Fair compenstation for what he’s worth in the UFC.

    The formula is … CASH FLOW… does Randy bring in the PPV ratings that other top fighters bring in?… Does Randy keeping his ancillary rights justify his not earning bonuses? I don’t know what ancillary rights are worth in Couture’s and the UFC’s case. However, I would bet that Randy is worth as much as Fedor in PPV drawing power more or less.

    Would Couture give up his ancillary rights if the UFC paid him as much as Liddell? or what Fedor was offered? We don’t know the answer or all the particluars to this.

    Fedor vs Couture is the superbowl hvwy fight of MMA, Randy has at least 1 big fight left in him for sure, this is the matchup fans want, he wants it… u wait too long and then championship claim goes out the window because fighters lose as in the Liddell/Wanderlei matchup. Randy will let the 18 month contract expire, fight Fedor at M-1 and get paid what he’s worth. Randy is driven to fight the best ‘a very fierce competitor’

    I don’t know if Randy’s approach towards the UFC is ideal but it’s honest, and justified,(affable and patience doesnt pay off) he’s deserving of his big payday and Big Fight… this Big Fight is all that’s left for him before he retires, he’s running out of precious time age wise. The legacy in MMA that may matter to Couture most is he sought after and fought the best.

    I don’t blame Dana and the UFC they’re ruthless negotiaters in for the buck. Just like a Car Sales Lot, but if you don’t hold out you may get the car of your dreams but you pay a premium price. The 4 fight deal doesnt amount to much it’s just the lowest amount of cash Couture can make in 4 fights with the UFC during that 18 month period. The UFC could pay Randy’s salary and PPV% many times over for what they made in his fight with Silvia alone. This is business from both ends, Randy’s playing hardball, because being gracious doesn’t work with these guys. This time Couture brought his harpoon to deal with the sharks. Apparently Randy is exercising his contract rights to leave within 18 months, what is so wrong about that? It is an option otherwise it wouldn’t be in the contract.

    The UFC probably will not let this fight happen with an outsider of the UFC like Fedor. Because if the UFC’s Hvwy loses, they lose the title best HVWY fighter in the world.. and M-1 gains some ‘momentary’ recognition as a MMA organization with the best fighter in the world in Fedor.

    Is M-1 is going to make it or not? Who knows, but we should assume they have deep pockets and will await the Couture VS Fedor matchup within a 1 yrs time or so before they throw in the towel, that’s the one fight they rightfully believe they can build momemtum on.

    Randy said he would not get in a public pissing match with Dana and I hope that remains true, let the action speak for itself.

    I could be totally wrong about everything, but as of now this is the way I see it from the outside looking in.

  10. gutstheberserker says:

    Randy, I have lost all respect for you. You say it’s not about the money but that is all you complain about. You are just like Terrell Owens. Then, you hide behind your wife. Your wife should but out — what does she know about MMA? At least Jenna keeps her mouth shut in public… when it comes to MMA. You even admitted in your press conference that if you had asked Dana for more money, he would have given it to you. You negotiated your contract and you were too “busy” to ask Dana for more money, yet you want to blame the UFC for not giving you enough and showing you “respect.” This whole thing sounds very fishy and like a publicity stunt which, as a fighter and a fan, I don’t appreciate. You are a fighter first and foremost and you forgot that.

  11. Sam Cupitt says:

    Firstly, let me say, I’m not posting a comment here to fight Randy’s battles. Randy can obviously do that himself. I am posting here to respond to the people who believe Randy has “sold out”.

    These people can’t seem to grasp Randy’s feelings of respect. You are simply misinterpreting this as a lust for more money. Randy didn’t want more money because he needed it, he wanted it out of principle.

    Sure Randy makes a considerable amount as it is, and as a highly decorated champ who helped the UFC out in many other facets he is quite deserving of this money. Yet there are people, such as the fighters from Pride, who have been recieving considerably more money when they have contributed nothing to building the organisation, that Randy has.

    As Randy says he could ask and he probably would recieve the money but this isn’t what its about. This is where the principle comes into it. The UFC management should have been aware of the pay share to its fighters and have given Randy the money, not because he needed it, just as a recognition of his services.

    As Randy says, “how do you show a fighter you respect them?”

  12. gutstheberserker says:

    If Randy can’t speak up for himself and ask for more money, then that’s his fault. The UFC is a business and like any business, they are not just going to start throwing money around for no reason. Randy lost 2 in a row, retired and was fighting in his 40s. His contract when he negotiated it, imo, overpaid him. If he thought he deserved more after winning 2 fights, he should have asked. Also, I’m not sure how being paid more than a million per fight is disrespect. Cry me a river, Terrell.

  13. tonyakaboxer says:

    i want to train at your gym
    please get back @ me becaus iam a born fighter and need the best training i can get

  14. Sam Cupitt says:

    Randy doesn’t ask for the money because thats not the point! Dana White and the UFC should know what he brings to the company, what he means to the fans and how much money he brings in and should therefore pay him more than some outside fighter who has done any of that. Without having to be forced or coerced into it.

    This is all about the UFC placing more importance on outside fighters who wont make the money for the company that Randy will and wont contribute to the company like Randy will.

    Why isn’t someone with his star power and fighting credentials getting equal or more money than one of these other fighters. That is the respect he is not getting.

  15. gutstheberserker says:

    Sam neither you nor your brother have any idea what the UFC paid outside fighters. Neither does Randy nor his wife. I would love to be paid more but I am the only one to blame if I don’t ask for more money — that’s capitalism. Randy is no different than Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and every other crybaby athelete that value themselves more than their fans and the sport. My biggest problem with this whole thing is why not deal with it privately rather than creating a media circus unless Randy had ulterior motives. It’s hard to respect a guy that doesn’t have the balls to negotiate a better contract and uses his wife to speak for him.

  16. Thorazine says:

    For UFC 68 Couture vs Slyvia on March 2006. Couture was paid $250,000 before and $250,000 after as a signing bonus = $500.000. Couture’s pay-per-view% = $936,000. Total= $1.436 Million

    For Couture vs Gonzaga UFC 74 on August 2007, Couture’s was paid $250,000. He earned a $35,000 bonus for fight of the night, and PPV% = $787,000. Total = $1.072 million.

    -White and Fertitta are very clear on the numbers.
    -Randy stated he got bonus for the Slyvia fight but was questioning why he didn’t get one with Gonzaga?
    -Randy was highly upset Fedor was offered so much money, that was the main issue.

    -Randy is not very clear in how he’s presenting his numbers, in his press conference it seems directed at yahoo sports.
    When Randy shows the contract it clearly says (2 $250.000 checks) but then he quickly says “$250 and about $500 for PPV, you do the math”…. it’s right in front of our faces and it doesn’t seem like he’s presenting it correctly. Randy is coming off like a guy that’s paranoid and suspicious without keeping track of his own deposits on what the UFC paid him.

    I understood that he was upset at yahoo sports for mis-representing his pay and was mad at UFC for offering Fedor millions more. Apparently the UFC never offered Fedor that kind of money according to Dana? So is Randy really getting his information from the internet?

    No more information on the 18month 4 fight agreement, ‘damn’. If contract information is confidential then Couture may be up against opposition. Also the UFC hints at defamatory remarks, there could be lawsuit potential here.

    In light of this new information I have to side with Dana despite not really understanding what the 18 month agreement for 4 fights really means. Or understanding what the UFC offered Fedor, which is the main issue despite Randy’s other mini-issues.

    Couture has said he is the last guy to complain”’ and I think he needs to fix this with the UFC and never, ever let his wife discuss his financial matters again in public and get his facts correct to a ‘T’ when presenting them to the public, leaving off a few hundered thousand here or there even on accident is not acceptable public relations.

    This is all that’s left of Couture’s claims:
    -No bonus for Slyvia fight- why?
    -Why was Fedor offered so much more? (apparently he wasn’t) or Randy was going to get at least as much as Fedor and the UFC (Dana) was going to fix that, we’ll never know for sure, but Dana has always said they never said no to Couture and I believe that part, Randy said it himself, if he went to Dana he’d probably say yes.

    Just wait until Randy speaks out again… I’ll change my mind..LOL. he’d better not, unless he has his facts straight. Otherwise he’d better state it in a manner to settle this dispute and repair any harm to the UFC he may have committed without perpetuating any further ill will.

  17. OmnipotentLobster says:

    More James Thompson updates please!

  18. WES GILLUM says:



  19. Barranco says:

    hey guys…
    i just got off the phone with one of your guys at the camp in Wellington, Fl.
    It’s about ten minutes from where i live, and i’m 110 percent sure i want to be a part of the camp. i’ve been wrestling for 4 years and have had a little kickboxing here and there. I have plenty of room for improvement, and camp couture is the answer.
    looking forward to hearing from you guys.

  20. couture im 25 yaers of age im from cader city ut. been here for about 3 years. im trying to get into mma i have no record ive boxed for about 1 year. I spar w/ friends and family when i get time . I would like to go the exreme camp and spar with some of your guys to see if i have it or
    not. If im invited i was thinking to vist w/ the camp around march or april for about a week .
    and or longer if you think i can make it.
    thank you for your time.

  21. Terry Dunn says:


    Ihave tried other ways to contact you with no sucess so I will give this a try.
    I know you are a busy man but I wanted to extend to you an invitation to come down to Texas the first weekend in april 2009 for a free bow hunt for wild boar and javelina on the King Ranch in Kingsville Texas. This hunt is just a few good fiends on a very exclusive hunting concession. There will be alot excitement, cutting up, a hell of a good time.
    Personal and business references are available. Please feel free to call me anytime
    cell (210)877-4509
    cell (210) 488-7163

  22. hi,randy my name is sandra tiernan i live in a town called athlone in the west of ireland i do not know if you read theese emails or someone else does but my husband and myslef are huge fans of yours and i think what you have done for the ufc is amazing other people have their say which they are entitled to what matters is that you know you have done a good job and you are happy cause life is to short and we love you here in ireland. my husband is a trainer and a fitness coach and we were just wondering who we would have to contact to talk about buying a franchaise of your gym and my husband and myslef run it i would be very grateful if someone could get back to me on my email asap thank you very much for taking the time to read this god bless to you and your family sandra tiernan

  23. Dr. J. says:

    Dear Mr. Couture,

    I was hoping you could tell me when a fighter in your dojo, Phil Friedman’s next fight is. Up in Bangor, ME we are all a big fan and look forward to his upcoming matches. Best Regards,

  24. I was really bummed that I missed the chance to meet Randy for an autograph signing while I was at the UFC Expo. I am in Vegas for one more day training at Master Toddy’s, and I would love to stop by Xtreme Couture’s for a training session. I hope I get to make it.


  25. Rick Bergman says:

    Just wishing the best of luck, may all your training pay off and have a great fight. You have given many of us older guys reason to train hard and are proof positive that age is only a number. God bless you and continue success in whatever you do.

    One of your fans

  26. Mr.Carrot76 says:

    They drive less than we do. ,

  27. Hey, Im trying to get in contact with Scott Bieri? Please forward this email to him. Thank You

  28. Brock Lesnar says:

    Yo! Is your feed working properly, or is it me having the problem?

  29. BB says:

    Hello,maybe this is not the right way to say hello,but i hope this is really xtremecoutre with RANDY COUTURE,i am16 years old and i would like to train MMA this is my E-mail could you contact me,i would appriciate it.

  30. fighttime says:


    My name is Charles. I’ve just add an Xtreme Couture link from our Blog to yours!



  31. Russell (Aussie Fan) says:

    Randy you are a great ambassador for the most skillful sport in the world.
    You owe the fans and promoters nothing as men who are modest in victory and gracious in defeat with your status are rare and are assured respect.



  32. tatto freak says:

    i am a fighter looking to be noticed and have a amiture fight record of 7 -6 -2 i need a break but im usally the one not noticed but i try and try sooner or later it will go for me thanks for your time

  33. James Herring says:

    Mr. Glazer & Mr. Couture :
    My family members are big fans of MMA & we just saw an article about MMAthletics & the impact that you’re having with professional football players.
    Would you be interested in training my family in opening an MMAthletics facility in Chattanooga, TN to train high school athletes ( football / basketball/ soccer, etc. ) ?
    My oldest son, 20, college Sophomore, is majoring in Health & Human Performance, & my H.S. Sophomore is a soccer player ( Varsity since 8th grade )/ fitness buff.
    Both sons are extremely fit, BMI = 20, & they want to pursue a career in health & fitness.
    What would it cost to start an MMAthletics facility & what is your ongoing fee ?Thank you, James 9 Ed ) Herring ( 423 ) 718 – 2209

  34. Hey, Randy, you have great training center. Can’t wait to watch you fight again.

  35. Elemanuel Torres says:

    Dear Mr. Couture and team My name is Elemanuel I live in Puerto Rico i am 18 years old and I stand here writing because I want you help or advise because where I live there is not much to do on base of training wise and im a very drivin person I come from a family that doesn’t have a lot of money to pay me a gym I study most of the days but my dream is to be a professional MMA figther I have all the hart of a puertorican you can get and I know i have the skill please can you write back to me,at my email. elemanuel_7@hotmail.com thanks

  36. Joe says:

    I was on your website and was going to call but thought this would be a better way to contact you.

    If you email to promote your website or are considering doing so. DO NOT pay more than $20 per million.

    WE can prove to you how you can OWN better quality opt-in email data and have it emailed at 90% less than for what our competitors RENT IT!

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    Your company should not take the chance of having its name in an email going out without your company having possession of the data that proves how that data was opt-ed in.
    Additionally, you will never even know how many emails bounced. Many of these con artist emailer ‘renters’ would never give you the email because almost all of it will bounce!

    For complete information go to


  37. Aaron Jones says:

    Hello I’m Aaron with LifePhoria I was trying to get in contact with the person that handles the purchasing for your company. LifePhoria has some amazing products and I feel that you will find that our products are quite different, and will appeal to your health conscious clientele. I would like to email you some of our information or If you would like please email or call me!

    Thank you for your time.
    Aaron Jones, CEO

  38. Joey Freeman says:


    Not sure if you watched the Lowler vs. Voelker fight tonight, but Voelker is a great friend of mine and wanted to know what the price would be if I fly him to Florida and you guys could work with him for a month. Also do you guys travel and if so would you be willing to go to his hometown in KC for a month?

    Please, let me know ASAP.

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Best Regards,


  39. Sarah Gibbons says:

    Please give me more details as to how exactly this works and if there are any costs involved. Please don’t have anyone call me, just send me an email reply. Thank you. Sarah.

  40. Imran Ashraf says:


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    good house though the following lines as one of the leading
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