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Jan and Ray Join the Gym

Posted: February 25, 2008 by Xtreme Couture MMA in jan nortje, ray sefo

K-1 Legends and super cool guys Jan Nortje and Ray Sefo are the newest additions to the gym. Somehow Jan who is from South Africa and Ray who is from New Zealand ended up living in Las Vegas. In fact they share a house in the same community where Randy and Kim live.

Jan knows Quentin Chong, Kim’s Muay Thai trainer, from South Africa. Last week Quentin was out to dinner at Xtreme Sushi with Randy and Kim when Jan walked over and said hello. The gang got to talking, Jan and Ray said they were looking for a new place to work out and Kim and Randy invited them to the gym. They liked it and decided to stay.

(Ray and Jan working out last week, Ray showing Jan how to drop a “Beast” with a left hook)

Jan says he loves the atmosphere at the gym. “A lot of times high level fighters have stink attitudes. But not here. Everyone is cool and doesn’t take themselves too seriously.”

“I can’t stand stink attitudes,” adds Ray.

Neither can we. Check your ego at the door.

Jan demolished Bob Sapp Saturday in Strikeforce (see video below). Both he and Ray are going to work on their MMA games here. Ray tells us that the new Dreams promotion in Japan offered him a fight with Cro Cop. The only problem is the fight is for March 5th in Japan and they just offered it to him last week. Ray says he’d love to fight Cro Cop in MMA and hopes the fight happens this summer.