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Here are some of the post fight interviews from A Night of Combat II including Jay Hieron, Kim Couture, Josh Haynes, and more. For those that were not able to catch the fights live in Las Vegas at the Thomas and Mack center, they will be broadcast on HDNet on Friday, Oct. 17th, check your local listings for times.

A special thanks to Aaron Mello-Fisher and Livia Mello-Fisher for thier work in making these videos. They can be contacted at

Kim Couture

Jay Hieron

Josh Haynes

Mike Pyle

J.J. Mix

MMA fans got to see a great card put together in part by Skip Kelp (Superfights MMA) and Kim Couture (KC Concepts). Xtreme Couture fighters took seven out of eight fights in a Night Of Combat II that left the fans wanting more!

The Co-Main event featuring Rick Roufus (4-3), a six-time world kickboxing champion and UFC veteran Hector Ramirez (7-3-1) was a fifteen minute battle which both fighters left it all in the ring.

Ramirez won the fight via unanimous decision but Roufus landed several impressive strikes in the first round, including a spinning backfist that staggered the “Sick Dog”.

All three judges scored the fight 29-28. Ramirez added another win to his resume.

In the co-feature, Jay Hieron (16-4) won a bloody unanimous decision over Chris Kennedy (6-6).

Hieron went to work with a devastating ground and pound game letting Kennedy know immediately that Jay’s elbows should be called weapons of mass destruction which left Kennedy bloody and a fist size welt on his forehead in the second which only got worse.

“He’s a warrior,” Hieron said. “He was bloody and kept going.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to use my elbows,” Hieron said. “That’s my weapon.”

All three judges scored the fight 30-27.

Kennedy, a local Las Vegas fighter, stepped up on short notice after Bryson Kamaka, who had been scheduled to fight Hieron, tested positive for marijuana during pre-fight testing by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Mike Pyle (17-5-1) won via submission over Brian Gassaway (28-18-2).

Pyle used a ground and pound attack before finishing with an armbar at 4:21 of the first round.

“I made sure I got a good clean takedown,” Pyle said. “I kind of wanted to pound him out and make him quit, but I’ll take the submission.”

Gideon Ray (15-10-1) completely helpless against John Alessio’s (24-11) heavy hands.

Alessio knocked out Gideon in just 45 seconds into the first round and a bit of payback for some heated words at wiegh-ins which prompted Gideon’s cheap shot shoving tactic.

Gideon continued to show little class when exiting the ring with an ice pack on his forehead, Ray threatened some of Alessio’s supporters sing ringside and was held back by his camp.

Chalk one one up for the good guys!

Josh Haynes (11-10) beat Sean Salmon (15-5),  at 2:49 of the second round with an achilles lock.

Haynes dropped Salmon with a heavy left hook early in the first. In the second, Haynes again dropped Salmon with a straight right. Salmon with a solid chin held on for second time and got up to continue the fight. When the fight went tot he ground Haynes not known for his ground game took complete control and ended the fight with a submission.

Night of Combat II results

-Ryan Hass defeats Ian Omalza by submission (Armbar) at 3:09 of R1.
-Elena Reid defeats Stephanie Palmer by TKO (Punch) at 0:53 of R1.
-Patrick “Kui” Gonsalves defeats Shawn David by submission (Kimura) at 3:51 of R2.
-Jonathan Mix defeats John Halverson by TKO (strikes) at 4:25 of R1.
-Josh Haynes defeats Sean Salmon by submission (achilles lock) at 2:49 of R2.
-John Alessio defeats Gideon Ray by TKO (Strikes) at 0:45 of R1.
-Mike Pyle defeats Brian Gassaway by submission (Armbar) at 4:21 of R1.
-Jay Hieron defeats Chris Kennedy by unanimous decision.
-Hector Ramirez defeats Rick Roufus by unanimous decision.

By: Scott Haney

Ty Murray Visits Xtreme Couture

Posted: November 1, 2007 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Josh Haynes, Ty Murray

(Photo: Brian Canter, Ty Murray, Josh Haynes and Ned Cross)

Bull Riding superstar Ty Murray stopped by the gym to check on his pal Josh Haynes today. Ty and Josh got to be good buddies during the filming of Celebrity Bull Riding, and Ty has followed Josh’s MMA career since. Upcoming Professional Bull Riding (PBR) stars Brian Canter and Ned Cross also made the trip to the gym. Both are big fans of MMA and came to watch Pro Practice.

Ned threw on some shorts and a T-shirt and got out there with Josh for some pointers.  Seems Ned got suckerpunched a few months back.  Josh taught him how to keep his hands up and throw a clean jab.

Josh’s next fight is November 10th in San Antonio. There’s buzz around Las Vegas that the IFO is looking to set up a battle of the brawlers between Josh Haynes and Marvin Eastman early next year for the IFO 185lb title. Again, it’s just a rumor at this point, but it’s a fight we’d love to see. Both guys like to stand and bang. Fans will be going home from that one with something to talk about.

If you’re in Vegas and like Bull Riding, the PBR is at the Thomas & Mack Center this weekend. The author of this blog had the opportunity to attend the PBR event at Mandalay Bay on Saturday. Awesome! Those guys take a pounding. The bulls are phenomenal athletes and are incredibly impressive up close.

Josh Haynes Wins by 1st Round TKO

Posted: October 13, 2007 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Josh Haynes

Josh Haynes wins by first round TKO in Stockton, California.  Stopping local favorite Steve Heath with a big right hand followed by three more shots on the ground.

Here’s  a good writeup by the Stockton Register.

The Xtreme Couture gym is buzzing with fighters gearing up for high profile fights.

Jay Hieron and Chris Horodecki are gearing up for the IFL Grand Prix. Jay fights Pat Healy and Chris has a heavily anticipated rematch with Bart Palaszewski.

Mike Pyle is getting set for Jake Shields in Elite XC on Nov 10th.

Karo Parisyan is readying for a replacement for Hector Lombard. Karo is slated to fight at UFC 78 in New Jersey Nov 17th.

Stephan Bonnar is also in the gym, he faces Eric Schafer at UFC 76 in Cincinatti on Oct 20th.

Josh Haynes just left for Stockton, CA where he fights Steve Heath this Saturday.

Jay White is prepping for his comeback to the cage on Nov 3rd against Corey Salter in Austin, TX.

Wanderlei is going to fight someone on December 29th in Vegas.  Though rumors are flying, we can’t say who yet.

The Xtreme Couture Team went 11-0 in the month of September. We’re hoping through hard work and dedication to keep the momentum going through October and November.

(Mike Pyle rolls with Stephan Bonnar)

(Pyle and Karo)

(Jay Hieron lands a kick)

(More of Karo and Pyle)

(Josh Haynes throws a right hand at Jay Hieron)

(Jay Hieron and Karo)

(Jay Hieron and Chris Horodecki)

(Mike Pyle lands a kick on Jay)

(Jay returns the favor)

(James “Colossus” Thompson throws a jab at Mike Whitehead)

(Mike Pyle throws a kick at Wanderlei Silva)

(Jay White and Josh Haynes mix it up)

(Jay Hieron goes to the body on Jay White)

(Phil Friedman & Joey Varner before heading to the Orleans Arena)

Xtreme Couture fighters were a perfect 4-0 at the International Fight Organization’s “Fireworks in the Cage III”. Phil Friedman, Joey Varner, Josh Haynes and Eric Pele excited fans at The Orleans Arena with dominant finishes.

In one of the night’s featured bouts Eric “Big E” Pele laid a beating on Antoine “Herc” Hayes. Stopping the big man from Chicago by a brutal 1st Round TKO. Big E laid Herc out twice with thunderous punches before Herb Dean stopped the carnage. Hayes had a number of low class, disparaging things to say about Eric Pele at the Press Conference. But Eric let his massive fists do the talking in the cage and had the definitive last word.

Josh Haynes made his debut as a member of Xtreme Couture. He engaged in a toe to toe war with a very game John Cornett. Both men were bloodied and staggered a number of times. But midway through the 3rd round Josh landed a monstrous overhand right that flattened Cornett. It was the definition of a highlight-reel KO. I’m sure you’ll be seeing it on IFO commercials and the opening sequence of future shows.

Joey Varner returend to the cage after a three year absence due to shoulder surgeries. Joey who is known for his stand-up skills (he’s our Muay Thai teacher) shocked everyone by submitting his opponent, Josh Marker. Joey almost put Marker away with a triangle choke, before transitioning into a beautiful armbar.

Kettlebell instructor Phil Friedman made his professional debut against 6’6″ 263lb Mark Rommel. Rommel who trains with Josh Barnett appeared to have Phil in trouble early in the round but Phil swept him, took his back and then rained punches down on Rommel’s temples for :45 before Mario Yamasaki had seen enough.

So far Xtreme Couture fighters are 5-0 this week. Gray Maynard needed just 9 seconds to Knock Out Joe Veres at Ultimate Figth Night 11 on Wednesday.

Tyson Griffin and Forrest Griffin look to make it a clean sweep tonight at UFC 76 in Anaheim.

We Welcome Josh Haynes

Posted: July 20, 2007 by Xtreme Couture MMA in Josh Haynes, Kids Program

Josh Haynes is the latest fighter to relocate to Vegas to join Team Couture. Josh made the move from Oregon where he trained with Team Quest. A few years back Josh met Randy when “The Natural” was with Team Quest. Randy invited Josh to train with him. But it took Josh some time to get in a position where he could move (read Josh’s amazing story here) and by the time he got to Oregon, Randy had left for Las Vegas.

Josh on leaving Team Quest, “It was just time to go. I did everyihing I could do there. My growth was stagnant. I needed something to open the doors and bring me back to my old self. I look forward to training with people who have fun doing what they do. Intense professionals, coaches as well as fighters. ”

In addition to getting his career back on track with our world class fight team, Josh is going to help take our Kids Program to the next level.

Josh will be teaching an Advanced Kids Class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7pm in the cage. He’ll teach beginners Saturdays from 11am-noon and an Advanced class on Saturdays from 1pm-2pm. He’ll also begin holding Kids submission tournaments. We’ll announce the date of the first one soon.

Josh says he’s looking to grow the Kids Program. “I want to help the kids get from where they are now to where they want to be. Help instill life skills in them. If they get their skills down now, by the time they’re my age it will be easier for them to get into the sport. I’m also looking to have fun with the kids. These kids are as much athletes as the adults are. Start to develop them at an early age, they’ll be pros. It’s cool to be part of that at an early age.”

The kids are going to be in good hands. They’re with a professional. We’re thrilled to have him as part of the team.