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This week here at Xtreme Couture Vitor Belfort who is headlining UFC 122 against Yushin Okami  has been spending the majority of his training camp thus far with Xtreme Couture Trainers mostly striking coach Gil Martinez.

Vitor is no stranger to Xtreme Couture, in the past he trained here with former head coach Shawn Thompkins, but is now back training with the Xtreme Couture Team.

Vitor has also been training this week here with kickboxing and mma great Ray Sefo and our strength and conditioning coach Jake Bonacci.

Every great fighter knows that diversification in training and keeping the training fresh is the key to success.

(Coach Tompkins laces up Chris Horodecki’s glove)

This weekend the merger between Xtreme Couture and Team Tompkins will be on display when the IFL airs the opening round of its Grand Prix tournament. Shawn Tompkins took the job of Head Trainer/Gym manager at Xtreme Couture in August. Saturday night Chris Horodecki will be wearing the Xtreme Couture Logo on his shorts along with Jay Hieron and Alex Schoenauer.

(Coach Tompkins sparring with Wanderlei Silva)

Tompkins brought Chris and his other prized students Sam Stout and Mark Hominick into the fold at Xtreme Couture and the three young stars have added to the already impressive stable. All three have incredible kickboxing skills and are true team players, fitting right in with the team first environment at Xtreme Couture.

“I’m thrilled to be here, working alongside and training with Randy Couture, who I hold in the highest regard. It will be an honor cornering with him Saturday night,” says Coach Tompkins. “I’m happy that world will get to see that we are working together. I’m glad to bring my fighters from Canada to create the ultimate fighting system.”
Tune in to My Network TV Saturday night to catch Chris, Jay and Alex in the Grand Prix .
Here’s some video of Coach Tompkins’ other two star pupils, Sam Stout and Mark Hominick fighting in TKO.

Sam Stout vs Martin Grandmont  (if you are in a hurry go to -2:10 on the clock.  Wow!)

Mark Hominick vs Ben Greer