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Xtreme Couture athletes had a tremendous weekend in competition. Gym members went 7-1 at Friday Night’s Tuff-N-Uff show at the Tropicana.

Kimo Yadao kicked off the night with a hard fought decision victory. Fellow Hawaiian Chance Torres followed his lead in the next match winning by Americana in the first round. Weston Dushen won via ground and pound in the second round of his fight. Jimmy Jones suffered the only loss of the night, losing to a D-I wrestler who racked up a number of takedowns. Jimmy didn’t suffer any damage on the ground, continually fought back to his feet and delivered several exciting kicks and combinations. But the numerous takedowns were enough to win the fight. Kui Gonsalves-Kanoho wasted no time in his fight scoring the Knockout of the Night in 7 seconds. Mark Phan scored a unanimous decision win and in the Main Event Brice Ritani-Coe KO’d his opponent in 20 seconds. For full results check out the Tuff-N-Uff website.

Saturday night was more of the same with the newest member of our team Goran Reljic scoring a second round TKO. He showed tremendous heart, battling back to beat Wilson Gouveia a highly regarded UFC veteran.

Later in the night Wanderlei Silva brought the capacity crowd at the MGM to its feet with a vintage performance against Keith Jardine. In classic axe murderer fashion he rocked his opponent then went in for the kill. It was a great night for Randy and Shawn Tompkins who coached both Goran and Wanderlei.

The Return of Wanderlei

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The Axe Murderer is back in Las Vegas. And he’s intent on learning how to wrestle and how to use the cage. What better way to do that than to study with the Master?

That’s exactly what he’s doing. Wanderlei is studying under Randy twice a week in the mornings. In addition to that he will be joining our Pro Team for practice. Despite physically training here for the Chuck fight, Wanderlei didn’t train with our team outside of sparring with Shawn Tompkins. Instead he worked with his personal trainers. Wanderlei tells us that when he went to rope a dope Chuck in the first round of their fight he realized he couldn’t bounce off the cage and counter Chuck the way he could coming off the ropes in the PRIDE ring.

Training partner Phil Baroni says Wanerlei is already picking up some of Randy’s tricks after the first session. “He feels strong. He’s open minded and willing to learn. He picks things up fast.” The New York Bad Ass adds, “Once he learns to use the cage and incorporate wrestling into his game he’ll be really tough to beat in the UFC. It’s an honor to train with Wanderlei. He’s a guy I’ve always tried to emulate and I look up to him.”

Randy says that he and Wanderlei will continue working up until Wand’s next fight. We’re not sure if we’re allowed to say who he is fighting next. But we’re told it will happen in May and it is someone who has fought Chuck. He and the rest of the UFC’s 205lb division had best be on notice. There will be a new and improved Wanderlei next time he steps in the cage. Wanderlei tells us he’d like to rack up a couple of wins and rematch Chuck on New Year’s. That’s a fight we’d love to see.

More pics of Wandy, Randy and Baroni:

Xtreme Couture fighters went 4-0 last week.

John Alessio got the ball rolling Wednesday in the WEC by defeating Todd Moore.

Mark Hominick beat Danny Martinez Friday night in the TKO promotion.

Saturday in Dallas on HDNet Fights Jay White beat Patrick Castillo by arm bar and Frank Trigg submitted Edwin Dewees.

There are no Xtreme Couture fights this weekend.  But December 28th at the Riviera Hotel here in Vegas Eleana “Baby Doll” Reid makes her MMA debut and Dennis Davis returns to the cage in the IFO.  And December 29th Jay Hieron and Chris Horodecki compete for titles in the IFL and our good friend Wanderlei Silva takes on Chuck Liddell in the UFC.

Wanderlei & Coach Tompkins Sparring

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Here’s some video of Wanderlei Silva sparring with Coach Shawn Tompkins. Wandy is getting ready to take on Chuck Liddell December 29th at the MGM.

The Natural and The Axe Murderer

Posted: August 15, 2007 by Xtreme Couture MMA in randy couture, wanderlei silva

MMA legend Wanderlei Silva hit the gym in Vegas today. He’s in town for the next two weeks from the Fizogen-Xtreme Couture in Wellington, Florida. Wanderlei is helping Randy to get ready for Gabriel Gonzaga.

Here’s what Randy had to say about working out with the Brazilian legend, “It’s great to have him in the gym. I’m anxious to pick his brain. To explore his training tactics and techniques. I’m also looking forward to building a rapport with him going forward. We had some good goes today. We were working out of half guard and the mount.  He’s very tough in both positions.”

Wanderlei says he’s glad to be here in Vegas with “The Natural”. And that he’s impressed with Randy. “He’s strong on the ground. He has very good jiu jitsu and excellent stamina. He’s stronger than I thought.”

Wanderlei even made a prediction for the main event at UFC 74. “Randy is good for this fight. He’s ready. Very good boxing.  He will win.”

As for his next fight, Silva tells us he’ll be stepping back into the Octagon on December 29th. He hopes it is against Chuck Liddell.

After the UFC 74, you can catch Wanderlei at the Fizogen-Xtreme Couture MMA Training Center in Wellington, Florida.

Wellington, Fl – MMA enthusiasts and Pro-Fighters in Florida have a new mecca. It’s called the Fizogen-Xtreme Couture MMA Fight Training Center. Located in Wellington, FL the gym has 7500 square feet of space for training in the Mixed Martial Arts. It comes equipped with a ring, a circular cage, a fenced in grappling area and world class strength and conditioning equipment.

On hand for the Grand Opening, that attracted more than 700 people, were UFC Champion Randy “The Natural” Couture and Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva. Wanderlei took part to support Fizogen, one of his sponsors. The former PRIDE Middleweight Champion liked what he saw, saying, “It’s a very good gym, with a good space made for people who want to be professional fighters. They have everything, a cage, a ring, mats, weights, bags, etcetera. It’s also a palce for regular students to train, get in shape and make friends. I hope all students who become part of this team train very hard and are proud of this gym because this is one of the best gyms I’ve ever trained in.

This is the first time the Xtreme Couture name has been licensed to a training center. Namesake and Xtreme Couture founder, Randy Couture, is a fan of what he sees. The champ commented, “Dan Amato (owner of Fizogen) and his crew have done an excellent job of putting a facility together, that represents everything Xtreme Couture stands for.”

Randy had this to say about working with Wanderlei Silva, “I look forward to working with Wanderlei again both in the business world and as he transitions into the U.S, and on the mat in the training environment. He is a true warrior and a gentleman. ” Stay tuned to this site for more info on what these two superstars have in store for the future.

In case you’ve never seen Wanderlei the warrior in action, you’ll enjoy this: