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Coach Tim Lane heads the boxing and kickboxing classes at Xtreme Couture here in Las Vegas, NV. He is a former world champion in the sport of kickboxing, having earned that accolade in 2002. The path to greatness, however, was not always endearing.


Lane moved from his home in Virginia to New York City to pursue his dream of fighting at age 26, with next to nothing in his name. As an up-and-coming-fighter, Tim would spend sleepless nights looking for shelter behind the gym he trained at, just so he could be one of the first ones in the door in the morning.

The hard work and dedication paid off in 2001, when Tim won his first international title over English champion Gary Wilson, via body shot, in Times Square, NY. The following year, “Bring the Pain” won his world USKBA title via fourth-round knockout of Marco “Baby Face” Siez, again by body shot.

Striking has long been a staple in Lane’s career, but what most don’t know is that Lane originally got his start in Martial Arts by enrolling in Judo classes. Not only is he a world-renowned stand-up coach, he is also well-versed in other aspects of Mixed Martial Arts.


Coaching at Xtreme Couture, Lane teaches many things, but his main purpose is preaching defense. “A good fighter never gets hit,” said Lane. “If you can avoid punches, your chances of winning increase.”

Whether you’re looking to become a world champion, want to learn how to defend yourself, or are just looking for a good workout, Lane treats every student with an equal amount of attention and dedication. “I want you to be happy and feel good,” Lane said. “If you don’t feel good today, I want you to come in class and I’ll help you feel good.”



To say Robert Follis is good at what he does is an understatement. Not only is he one of the lead trainers at Xtreme Couture, he’s also one of the best. A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, Follis heads one of the more intense, yet highly skillful Gi and No-Gi jiu-jitsu classes in all of Mixed Martial Arts. Training the likes of current Ultimate Fighting Championship stars such as Evan Dunham, Martin Kampmann and Chael Sonnen, along with legends like Dan Henderson and Randy Couture, Follis has risen in MMA lure as one of the greatest technique coaches of all-time.


Follis got his start in Martial Arts at 22, when he was a bartender. “I was asked to throw someone out of the bar,” he said. “I didn’t know that was part of the job, so I told myself, ‘I better start training some Martial Arts’. I started working with one of the bouncers at the bar and that’s what got me started.” As his training progressed, he got wind of an up-and-coming fighter that was going to the UFC and needed some training partners. “I was training at a cutting-edge gym when I heard about [Randy] Couture needing someone to spar with,” Follis said. “No one really knew who he was at the time so I thought, ‘yea, I’ll go throw some punches at that guy.”

Those training days turned into training nights, and soon a friendship blossomed between Couture and Follis. Eventually, a career was formed for Follis amidst all the training and sparring sessions, and he’s never looked back.

The son of a preacher, Follis has long taken after his father in order to get the full potential out of his students. Analogies are a big part of how Follis coaches, and says the use of them makes it easier for his students to correlate what he tries to bestow upon them in the MMA world.  “At one point, tying our shoes was extremely confusing,” he said. “The more you practiced it though, the easier it became. That’s exactly how jiu-jitsu is.”Image

His training with adolescents and young adults helps prepare them for where the sport may be heading in the future, no matter how adverse or challenging it may seem.

“You can be in massively good shape,” Follis said. “But if you doubt yourself and don’t believe in what you’re doing, you won’t succeed. Conversely, you can be the most positive thinker in the world but if you don’t ready your body, you will fail.”


His love for the sport intertwines with his affection for changing people’s lives with what he teaches at the gym. The self-promoting change has been personal for Follis as he says it was Martial Arts that led him out of a place in his twenties where he lacked any direction and felt unsure of what he wanted in life.


“Here’s what really makes me love Martial Arts and MMA,” Follis said. “It’s the ability to change your life solely based on the training. To take those lessons and apply them to facets of your life; that’s what it’s all about. That’s huge.”

On July 22nd, in Las Vegas, NV, David Vanbuskirk was a member of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Search and Rescue Team and gave his life while rescuing and ultimately saving the life of another.

David was also a Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu Black Belt under Sergio Penha. Dave was a phenomenal human being and because he embodied everything that one should strive to be, the Jiu- Jitsu Community in Las Vegas has come together to put on a great seminar with all benefits going to the Vanbuskirk Family and is going to be hosted at Xtreme Couture MMA.

We encourage all locals and anyone coming into town for the IBJJF tournament to take advantage of the wealth of Jiu-Jitsu knowledge being made available at this seminar, while also supporting a great person and cause.

Seminar Information:
Aug 9th, 2013 6-9pm (doors open at 5pm) at Xtreme Couture’s las Vegas 4055 W. Sunset Rd LV, NV 89118

$50 a person- all proceeds going to the Vanbuskirk Family

Amilcar (Mica) Cipili
Robert Drysdale
Robert Follis
Simpson Go
Neil Melanson
Sergio Penha


Join us this Saturday at 10am to tryout for our Amateur MMA Fight team.
Registration is at 9:30 (No Cost) and is open to the general public.
You will be put through a set of drills and tests by Coach Dennis Davis.

For More Information please contact the gym (702) 616-1022

There is NO doubt about Ryan Couture as an elite MMA fighter that holds his own winning four in a row and his professional MMA record is now 6-1. The future is looking very bright indeed for Couture.

Part of his success is backed by an amazing group of coaches at Xtreme Couture like (Neil Melanson – Head Grappling Coach, Dennis Davis – Pro Team & MMA Coach, Tim Lane – Striking Coach and Jake Bonacci – Strength & Conditioning Coach).
Ryan controlled the pace of the fight all 3 rounds with good movement, quick hands and even a spinning back kick planted to the chest of Noons in the first. The only chance Noons seemed to have in this fight was in the second, but the conditioning and the Couture inside was not going to be stopped. Ryan finished the fight in a very active and aggressive pace with knees to KJs ribs and excellent striking that made round 3 easily Couture’s.

This is what Randy Couture said this about the fight.

“Great job by Ryan tonight !! Very happy with his performance . Tough fight but we knew that going in . KJ is a great striker and hard to take down ! I’am confident Ryan won the 1st and the 3rd rounds ! It was a great fight and fun to watch . Very proud of the grit, determination and growth that Ryan displayed tonight.”

If you want to get Ryan’s take on the fight check out his interview on Sherdog.

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Xtreme Couture Halloween Savings

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Xtreme Couture Blood Drive – Nov. 17th

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Las Vegas, NV, Saturday November 17, 2012:  Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Icon Randy Couture’s Xtreme Couture MMA training center is proud to be hosting the United Blood Services blood drive.

Donors must be 16 years or older and weigh 110 lbs + donors must also not be sick.  The blood drive will take place at the Xtreme Couture MMA training center located at 4055 West Sunset Road Las Vegas, NV 89118 (Valley View and Sunset)  from 10:00am – 2:00pm.  Everyone planning to donate blood is highly encouraged to pre-register by calling 702-616-1022.   All donors will receive an Xtreme Couture gift bag.

About Xtreme Couture MMA:

Randy Couture has built his brand over the last 15 years as one of the greatest and most decorated MMA fighters in the world. His six (6) separate UFC title reigns, spanning two weight classes gives him a resume that is unmatched in the sport. He has long been considered the ambassador of the sport and is also the 4th fighter to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.   Xtreme Couture MMA training centers are a reflection of that success.

Founded in 2007 the Xtreme Couture MMA  training centers are Randy’s way to pass on his proven MMA fighting style, conditioning programs and nutritional philosophy to a new generation of individuals striving to reach their fitness, self-defense and/or competitive fighting goals.

Interested In Being A Hero and Saving A Life: 

For more information visit or contact Valerie Haney  phone (702) 616-1022 fax (702) 407.0958