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Congratulations to Ulysses Gomez – Bantamweight Champion!!

Gomez took home the Tachi Palace Fights Bantamweight Title on Friday, Dec. 2, in Lemoore, Calif.

Ulysses Gomez (with belt), with the help of his Xtreme Couture family, including striking coach Gil Martinez (center left).


The highly anticipated lightweight title fight between UFC champion Frankie Edgar  and No. 1 contender Gray Maynard is officially off, as both fighters suffered injuries during training camp.

“Frankie Edgar is injured and oddly enough, Gray Maynard is hurt, too,” said UFC president Dana White. “Frankie hurt his back and his ribs. Maynard hurt his knee.”

The matchup, which was scheduled to headline the UFC 130 event on May 28 in Las Vegas, was to be the third meeting between Edgar and Maynard. They fought to a split draw in the main event at UFC 125 on Jan. 1. Maynard defeated Edgar by unanimous decision at a UFC Fight Night event in April 2008.

It is currently unknown how long each fighter will remain out of action.

Edgar’s boxing coach Mark Henry said the champion was enjoying a terrific camp alongside Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez
when the injury occurred.

“[Edgar] was looking phenomenal,” Henry said. “We probably had the best [training] we ever had and his back blew out. About two weeks ago his back blew out and we didn’t train for a week. He felt a little better the next week but the back was still messing up.

“Then he sparred with Eddie Alvarez and his rib was killing him. In the first round with Eddie, his back went out again. When his back went we told him he shouldn’t fight that way. Then his rib went and he had two things to deal with.  What are you going to do with a broken rib?”

According to Maynard’s camp, the challenger’s knee began bothering him several weeks ago, at which point he contacted and visited UFC physicians. At that time, Maynard, who’s dealt with nagging knee injuries in the past, decided to proceed with the fight.

About 10 days ago, Maynard suffered a facial cut during practice. Again, he refused to withdraw from the fight.

“We were not going to pull out,” said Gil Martinez, Maynard’s boxing coach. “We wanted the title fight. To have it called off is devastating. The UFC knew weeks ago that Gray’s knee was bothering him but we did not want to push this title fight back. We already had to wait after the [January] fight because Frankie needed time to recover. Gray wants this fight more than anything.”

Martinez says the fight will now likely be pushed back as far as September, as the UFC’s schedule is already full regarding main events through that date.

The UFC also confirmed a light heavyweight bout between Quinton Jackson and Matt Hamill will now headline the May event. In addition, a welterweight fight between Thiago Alves and Rick Story will fill out the night’s pay-per-view card.

Brett Okamoto covers MMA for

Instructors from Xtreme Couture teamed up at the North American Grapplng Association (NAGA) in Las Vegas on March 4th to demonstrate grappling techniques to the crowd.  NAGA holds events all over the United States and is one of the largest grappling tournaments in the world.  Pictured below are (far left)-John Hahn, Jimmy Jones, Kui Gonsalves, Dennis Davis and students.  Pictured (far right)-Kui Gonsalves, Dennis Davis, John Hahn and Jimmy Jones with student participant.


McNeil By Franklin McNeil

Not much attention is being paid to Ricardo Almeida and Xtreme Couture’s Mike Pyle heading into their welterweight showdown on Saturday night at UFC 128 in Newark, N.J. However, the winner will take a giant step toward significance in the 170-pound division.

 This fight is significant for another reason, though: Because of the fighters’ styles — and the men who helped instill them — the match could offer a preview of what fans will see at UFC 130 on May 28, when lightweight champion Frankie Edgar puts his title on the line for the second time in a row against Gray Maynard.

Miguel Almeida & Frankie Edgar

Saturday’s Ricardo Almeida-Mike Pyle fight could be just a prelude to what fans will see when Frankie Edgar, pictured, faces Gray Maynard at UFC 130.

 Like their lightweight counterparts, Almeida and Pyle are gifted ground fighters who have put in hours of work to improve their stand-up games. Perhaps not coincidentally, the men most responsible for making Almeida and Pyle comfortable on their feet are the very same who helped Edgar and Maynard take their stand-up skills to greater heights: boxing trainers Mark Henry and Gil Martinez.

 Although they are familiar with each others’ coaching style — the trainers previously matched boxing wits during the first two Edgar-Maynard battles — Henry (who trains Almeida) and Martinez (who works with Pyle) know the key to victory in Newark will be to make adjustments without moving too far from what has brought their fighters recent success.

 “I make adjustments to each person that I train, because everybody is different,” Martinez told “I have to work with the style that each fighter has and implement a game plan for their style of fighting.”  Henry also adjusts his game plan to a fighter’s strengths. But that wasn’t always the case. The stand-up improvements Almeida (13-4-0) and Edgar have made are directly tied to Henry’s altering his boxing training style to fit MMA fighting. “When I’m dealing with those guys, I’m trying not to be strictly a stand-up coach anymore,” Henry told “I really wanted to get myself away from that.

“I used to be so ultra-stand-up that I made them too one-dimensional. I was hurting them instead of helping them. But I’ve learned that Frankie and Ricardo are great athletes; I now blend all their skills.” Adjusting to their individual fighters is only part of the puzzle Henry and Martinez must solve Saturday night at Prudential Center; they must also figure out each other. Henry might have the greater adjustment to make. Almeida’s boxing style looks very much like that of Edgar. The similarity isn’t lost on Martinez. “Yes, we’ve noticed,” Martinez said. “We’ve seen some of their fights, and they have similar moves that they do in their stand-up.

 “But they’re totally opposite, different fighters, so we have to be ready for just Almeida [on Saturday].” Henry says it would be a mistake to surmise that Almeida and Edgar possess the exact same stand-up style. He is quick to point out that his star pupils have shown something new inside the cage with each passing fight, although he concedes there are some similarities. “In Ricardo’s last fight, [UFC cageside commentator] Joe Rogan even said ‘Ricardo is moving just like Frankie Edgar,'” Henry said. “Sometimes they’re moving a little bit alike, but they’re definitely different fighters. Frankie is shorter; he has to work a different type of game. Ricardo is taller and has a long range. They have to fight different because of their body types.

 “But in some ways, they are the same. They both have fast feet and quick hands. In that respect, you can say some of their style is the same.”

Mike Pyle
Mike Pyle, a skilled ground fighter, has seen his stand-up game improve significantly under the tutelage of Gil Martinez.

Pyle (20-7-1) has made tremendous strides in his boxing game under Martinez, much like his teammate Maynard. In his most recent fight, a unanimous decision over John Hathaway, Pyle displayed some of the same aggressive striking Maynard exhibited in his Jan. 1 title bout with Edgar. Martinez won’t stray too far from his aggressive boxing approach, but he vows that there will be several adjustments to Pyle’s stand-up game plan against Almeida. He doesn’t have much choice: Martinez believes Almeida-Pyle will be decided on the feet. “The stand-up is going to be very important, because they’re both great fighters on the ground,” Martinez said. “They’re probably going to even themselves out as far as the ground game goes. “Their stand-up is going to have to be on point for one of them to pull out the fight.”

 The same can be said of Edgar-Maynard III. Both lightweights are solid wrestlers who have become more comfortable standing. Henry and Martinez know this better than anyone. So is Almeida-Pyle just a preview of what’s to come on May 28 in Las Vegas? “It could be,” Martinez said. “We want to win, and I know their camp wants to win. I definitely look forward to the challenge and will try to figure out their game plan while executing our game plan. “But we can’t focus too much on them, because Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard are two totally different fighters than Mike Pyle and Ricardo Almeida. This is going to be an exciting fight also, but different from Edgar-Maynard III.”

 For his part, Almeida wants to deliver Henry a win over his Las Vegas-based counterpart. Henry, who is based in New Jersey, is 0-1-1 against Martinez thus far. I look forward to being a part of their essence of competition,” Almeida said. “This fight will be determined by what goes on inside the Octagon as well as outside.”

Join MMA Legend and UFC Hall of Fame Fighter Randy Couture Saturday May 7th, 2011 for a two wheel event – Charity Poker Run.

Event Registration Starts at 9am – 10:30am – Randy’s group leaves at 10am sharp. 

O School Choppers
5725 South Valley View
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If you ride, then come out to support the men and women who protect this country everyday.  Brave soldiers who get injured need additional help above what the government can provide and that’s where the Xtreme Couture G.I. Foundation comes into play.

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The Xtreme Couture G.I. Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, was founded by Randy Couture to honor the veterans of America’s Armed Forces. The foundation was especially formed to raise money and awareness for those wounded in action and their families. To date, more than 24,000 U.S. troops have been wounded in the war against terrorism, which doesn’t include the many more suffering the mental effects.

Many of the injuries are traumatic amputations, gunshot wounds, burns and blast injuries that will retire these brave men and woman from the armed forces. Even though some of these men and woman are severely injured, they have the courage, strength and determination to win this battle.

The Xtreme Couture G.I. Foundation’s goal is to help these brave men and women fulfill any of their unmet needs as they return back to civilian life.

Photos from our last event/

UFC 127 Viewing Party

When: Saturday, Feb 26th

Time: 6pm – PPV @ 7PM

Join us to watch UFC 127 on our huge 20ft. screen!
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     Friday, December 17th is the day where 25 year old undefeated junior welterweight boxer Anthony Martinez goes up against his opponent Jaime Orartia at The Four Points Sheraton Inn, in San Diego.  This will be Martinez’s 7th professional fight. 

     Anthony Martinez aka “The Aztec Warrior” was born in Lake Tahoe and has been fighting since the age of 13.  His athletic background in soccer, gymnastics and Tae Kwon Do, as well as his father’s background as an amateur boxer, naturally led him to the sport of boxing.

     Although father Gil Martinez (Xtreme Couture Instructor) was reluctant to allow his sons to take the path of boxing, he finally gave in and ultimately ended up teaching them the skills to make them warriors in the ring.  After only 8 months of training in their garage at home, Anthony and Gil Junior went to The National Boxing Tournament.  Soon after, the boys won State, then beat out their opponents at Regionals, only to quickly advance to Nationals.

     It was at The Silver Glove Nationals of 1997 that John Brown, the owner of Ringside approached the boys and since “has been the biggest supporter to this day.” Anthony Martinez boxed 153 amateur matches with 142 wins and he turned pro at the age of 20.  His record is 6 professional undefeated matches with 5 knockouts.  Martinez is a 10X National Champion and Junior Olympic Boxing Champion (2000), where he received a gold medal and then a bronze and silver at the International Junior Olympics at age 16.  Martinez is signed with Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Productions.

     Outside of the boxing ring, Anthony Martinez enjoys studying The Aztecs and listening to all music genres “except for bluegrass.”  In the future, he aspires to attend college for architecture and mechanical engineering.

     Martinez gets his inspiration from the amateur team that his father trains.  “I want to help them, make it easier for them.  They are like family to me,” says Anthony.

     Follow Martinez @goldenboyfinest

This week here at Xtreme Couture Vitor Belfort who is headlining UFC 122 against Yushin Okami  has been spending the majority of his training camp thus far with Xtreme Couture Trainers mostly striking coach Gil Martinez.

Vitor is no stranger to Xtreme Couture, in the past he trained here with former head coach Shawn Thompkins, but is now back training with the Xtreme Couture Team.

Vitor has also been training this week here with kickboxing and mma great Ray Sefo and our strength and conditioning coach Jake Bonacci.

Every great fighter knows that diversification in training and keeping the training fresh is the key to success.

A rare glimpse into the warm-up and preparation with one of the all time best MMA fighters in the World – Randy “The Natural” Couture.   The video is raw footage shot by Xtreme Couture in his locker room. Helping Randy were corner men Gil Martinez (Striking)  and  Neil Melanson (Grappling).

Randy took on fellow Hall of Fame fighter Mark “The Hammer” Coleman and won by submission by Rear-Naked Choke early in the second round at UFC 109.

A big part of Randy’s success, other than his great training partners at Xtreme Couture, is due to his supplement line XCAP and the job our blood doc John Fitzgerald has done with diet and XCAP’s supplements to keep Randy’s body at the top performing level fight after fight.

Randy Couture Training Images

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Randy Couture in training with boxing coach Gil Martinez. Watch Randy and other top fighters train live on our full screen video stream daily.