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A rare glimpse into the warm-up and preparation with one of the all time best MMA fighters in the World – Randy “The Natural” Couture.   The video is raw footage shot by Xtreme Couture in his locker room. Helping Randy were corner men Gil Martinez (Striking)  and  Neil Melanson (Grappling).

Randy took on fellow Hall of Fame fighter Mark “The Hammer” Coleman and won by submission by Rear-Naked Choke early in the second round at UFC 109.

A big part of Randy’s success, other than his great training partners at Xtreme Couture, is due to his supplement line XCAP and the job our blood doc John Fitzgerald has done with diet and XCAP’s supplements to keep Randy’s body at the top performing level fight after fight.

Xtreme Couture grappling coach Neil Melanson to discuss Randy Couture‘s submission of Mark Coleman at UFC 109.

View the interview

Head MMA Coach talks Couture

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Below is an interview with Ron Fraizer head MMA Coach at Xtreme Couture about his thoughts on Randy Couture vs. Mark Coleman at UFC 109.

UFC 109 Randy Couture Walk Out Shirts in Stock and Shipping

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UFC 109 Walk Out Tee

This interview and video was put together by Affliction Video when they were in this past week.  Randy Couture is gearing up for UFC 109 against Mark Coleman here in Las Vegas.

In the interview Randy discusses how he has been working with Jake Bonacci for his strength and conditioning, Gil Martinez with boxing to help his hand and feet to be able to avoid the Coleman’s haymakers.

Randy has also been working alot on his catch wrestling skills and techniques for the past 7 months with Neil Melanson.  Couture is making the move away from the traditional Jui Jitsu mentality and  focusing more on submissions as they come from the catch wrestling positions.

Check out the video below.